10 Online Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales Now

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Simple Online Marketing Tips to Make More Sales

Whether you’re closing in on the end of a quarter and still need to reach a little further to meet your budget, or you’re running a sales competition to see who can generate the most new business, sometimes you want to make sales now. Right now! Here are 10 ways you can meet your goal using both online and traditional methods:

  1. Keywords are King

    If you want your company’s website, products, and services to land in the top organic search results on the major search engines, the best way to achieve this is by writing and posting regular blog entries or online articles that contain the key words prospective clients are typing into those search engines to find you. Keywords are king in the online world. And the beauty of it is that you know, when someone is searching for a specific keyword, it’s probably because they are already in the market to buy what you’re selling right now. If you’re at the top of the search list, you’re only one click away from a potential new sale.
  2. Create a Sense of Urgency

    Once you get those potential new clients to visit your website, the best way to get them to act fast is to create a sense of urgency with deadlines, limited time offers, or early bird offers. Give them something free to entice them to sign up or make a purchase today—something they’ll perceive as valuable that won’t be available to them tomorrow.
  3. Webinars

    A Webinar is an affordable way to create brand awareness among current and prospective clients, and it gives you an opportunity to showcase some of your latest products and services for sale. Even better, hold a contest in conjunction with that webinar. Offer a prize of some kind to the first X number of people who sign up for the webinar. Much like the above-mentioned early bird offers, this prize should be something they’ll perceive as valuable that they can only receive for signing up for this webinar. It’s a great way to ensure a larger audience. And the larger the audience, the better chance of more sales now.
  4. Up-sells and Down-sells

    Once you know a client has bought into a certain product or service, and you’ve got them at your shopping cart ready to make the purchase, this is the perfect opportunity to up-sell a little something extra to them. Doing so can increase your sales margin significantly. Often times, it does.Or what about those who aren’t interested in buying what you’re offering right then? Perhaps the only reason is that it’s a little outside their budget at that moment. So, offer these people a down-sell. Offer something else that is a little bit cheaper. Oftentimes, this will save a sale that you may have otherwise lost.
  5. Send an Email

    When was the last time you checked in with your current customers to ask them how they’re doing and if there is anything else you can help them with at this time? Up-sells and down-sells aren’t don’t have to be reserved for the shopping cart on your website after a webinar. You can offer them in email campaigns, too.
  6. Make a Phone Call

    Better yet, get personal. Pick up the phone and call. Personally thank your customer for their business and ask them if they’re open to participating in a quick five-minute survey that can help you improve your current business practices. This extra effort could also lead to an incremental sale.
  7. Networking Groups

    Networking groups are the perfect opportunity to meet new people who are looking for your products and services. It may also lead to partnerships with like-minded business associates, thus opening you up to a whole new client base you didn’t have before. There are literally hundreds of networking groups online and offline that you can leverage for new sales leads and partnerships.
  8. Forums

    Joining forums is a great way to attract new clients to your business. You can post questions of your own, answers other people’s questions, or simply participate in various topic discussions related to your industry. All the while, a link to your website is present in your signature line. If people like hearing what you have to say, they’ll very likely click on that link to learn more about you which will lead them to whichever page of your website you’d like to lead them to. Preferably a sell page of some kind if your goal is to make sales now.
  9. Ask for Referrals from Customers

    Satisfied customers are the best form of advertising for you. You should never let them walk away without asking for a referral after a successful transaction. Incent them to provide you with referrals by offering them a discount on future purchases or something else of value. And when you get those referrals, act now. Contact them immediately. Sales is a numbers game. The more contacts you make, the more sales you will make.
  10. Ask for Referrals from Friends

    Another place to get referrals is from your friends. They know you best, and most will gladly help you out whenever they can.

If you’re looking to make fast sales, these are ten great ways to increase your chances. Think about some of the offers or incentives you may want to use ahead of time. Once you’ve figured that out, then act. Write the blog entries and articles. Post them. Host the webinars. Send the emails. Get on the phone. Make a competition out of it for your sales staff to enjoy. You may be pleasantly surprised by the result of this added effort.

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