5 Marketing Projects to Build a High Value Brand

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5 Online Marketing Projects for Coaches and Consultants

This is a preview of the High Value Brand marketing and business development program for coaches and consultants. Admission is by Invitation and Application only: please watch the 5 Projects Webinar or High Value Practice webinar for more information before enquiring.

Welcome to the High Value Brand Program.

This is a 6 month, 5 Module program designed to help you design and build a high-value, scalable professional services business.

Each month we’ll work on 1 essential project, process and principle in order to take your business to 6 figures, multiple 6 figures or 7 figures over the course of the program. In the final month we’ll work on bringing all everything together and create a plan for future growth.

High Value Brand Video Walkthrough: Transcript

Hello. Welcome to the High Value Brand Programme. My name’s Dallas McMillan. I’m the creator of the programme and I’m delighted to have you on board if you are a new member. Or if you’re just seeing this as a preview, then welcome to this behind-the-curtains look at the High Value Brand.

High Value Brand Marketing Program

The High Value Brand Programme is designed to for coaches, consultants, and professionals to build a high-value, scalable, professional services firm using the web. Basically, an online business that’s built on your professional expertise or IP. In this programme we go through six months and five main modules, five main projects, which are essential for you to build a multiple six or seven-figure online business. There are lots of online course components, and also there’s a monthly live training session, as well as some on-demand access to help you. There’s a large done-for-you component where we actually build the projects for you so you’re not spending hours or years in tech hell. Let me take you through the five projects.

 5 Essential Marketing Projects for Coaches, Consultants and Professionals

The High Value Brand Program comprises 5 separate marketing projects that are essential to build a 7 figure online coaching or consulting business.

The 5 Marketing Projects for Coaches and Consultants who want to build a 7 figure business are:

  1. Platform
  2. Pipeline
  3. Profile
  4. Presentation
  5. Product

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Marketing Project 1: Platform

Okay. The first project is your platform, your online business platform, which is basically your website, but it needs a whole lot of extra functionality that most websites don’t have to get the jobs that we need to from a marketing, sales, and service delivery perspective.

Marketing Project 2: Pipeline

The second project is the pipeline. That’s your automated system for bringing in a steady stream of new clients into your business.

Marketing Project 3: Profile

The third project is your online profile. That’s building up your positioning and authority as the expert at what you do.

Marketing Project 4: Presentation

The fourth project is your online presentation, a sales presentation, typically a webinar. It can be a video sales letter where you’re able to sell one to many and make an offer to people to approach you to work with them. Basically, to feed people into your pipeline at scale.

That let’s us sell at scale, but then we need to deliver products and services at scale, because this program’s really designed to help you move away from one-to-one coaching or consulting or service delivery, into a more leveraged or productized service model.

Marketing Project 5: Product

The final module, or our final project, is your product, where we turn your service, your coaching programme, or your consulting service, into a product or productized service so you can deliver it at scale. That’s scaled service delivery. There are the five projects.

You need more than marketing systems to build a 7 figure business

Now, they’re the most tangible part of the programme but there’s some supporting components, the processes and the principles, that we need in order to make these work. Because I’m sure you know heaps of people who have got a website and they’ve got ClickFunnels or some lead pages, a bit of a sales pipeline happening. They’ve done some articles. They might be having a webinar and they’ve got an online course, and they’re still not making any money.

Marketing Processes

That’s because they lack the essential processes to work these systems. You build the system, then you work the system in order to generate revenue.

Marketing Principles

But there’s a third component as well: you need the right principles, the approach and philosophy, to ensure that you end up coming out with a high-value product or service. Otherwise, you can do all these things and basically make a business that has lots of people going through it but isn’t making any money, or doesn’t get enough people through, or is getting … there’s lots of activity happening but it’s not really perceived as being very high value. You need very high-value positioning in order to pull this off as a coach or consultant if you want to be serving the top 1 to 10% of your market, which is really where the money is to be made. The principles are essential to help you implement these correctly.

Let’s move on to the principles now. These are really the underpinnings of the projects. If you don’t have these in place, you’ll build the projects wrong and they won’t produce the desired result.

Principle 1: Vision

The first one is to start with a very clear vision for your future, but also, you’ve got to create and hold a vision for your customers and your clients. A big part of what you do for them is to create this bigger vision of who they could be. Developing this capacity to create and communicate vision in your business and to your clients is critical to making your business work.

Principle 2: Attraction

Secondly, you need to be attracting clients into your business. This is more than just having an automated sales system. People need to want what you’ve got and feel like they’re coming after you and not the other way around. That’s very different to the way most businesses are marketing.

Principle 3: Leverage

Thirdly, you need to master the principle of leverage. In what we’re doing we’re always looking to leverage what we’ve already got. I bet you’ve got a tonne of great content out there already, or things in your head, or things in your filing cabinet, or on your hard drive that could be selling and delivering services for you in an automated way, except they’re not leveraged. Learning this principle of leverage and then implementing it through our projects and processes is critical.

Principle 4: Uniqueness

Fourthly, you need to be unique. There’s no point just doing something the same as everyone else. You need your unique take on it. Unless you do that, then you end up in a competitive race to the bottom where you’re having to compete on price, you’re seen as a commodity, clients don’t really respect you. It sucks. You need this unique positioning where you are the best at one specific thing, or you’ve got a unique take on it that your customers love.

Principle 5: Elevation

Then finally, we’ve got the principle of elevation. We’re always looking to step up to a higher level. One way of thinking about that is that you want to be working on your business, not in your business. There’s so many other ways that you can raise your thinking toward focusing on service and delighting your customers rather than just doing the job and delivering customer satisfaction. There’s lots of ways that we can view our work in more positive ways that can completely transform our business, and again, set us apart from our competition.

These Principles help you build a High Value Brand

There are the principles. They are the philosophies that need to guide your business in order to create a high-value business. Then, finally, we’ve got the processes. Just going to move the browser a little so I can see them. These are things like scripts, frameworks, marketing timelines, things that need to occur repeatedly that have generally got a human component that’s more than just having an app or a sales funnel in place. Someone’s got to do the work and they need to do it a specific way, a repeatable way, and a way that adds value to the business and to clients, or you don’t get the results you want.

Marketing Processes

Our marketing processes are the tools that the people in your business, which might just be you … This programme is designed for you to build a high-value solo business into the multiple seven figures, or with a small team … sorry, into the six figures or even multiple six figures, or, with a small team, go to multiple six figures or seven figures. I should say this programme is not about how to manage a team. That’s beyond that scope of what we’re doing here. We will refer to the use of VAs and working with developers and things, but this is not a “build your practise to 20 people.” If you need that, you’re in the wrong place. This is for the solo coach, consultant, or independent professional who wants to build a solo practice or brand that is highly leveraged and profitable. These processes are the procedures that you and your team of outsourcers or internal team to utilise to actually work the projects that you’ve built. You build the projects, you build these assets or systems in your business, then someone’s got to work that system in order to generate review and to generate value in the business.

There’s five main processes that we do, and each of them I’ve documented in a short book. Because, to a large degree, those are game plans or scripts that you use.

Marketing Process 1: FOCUS (Sales Conversation Framework)

The first one, focus, is how you help your client, and the first person we use it on is you, how we help someone move from their general idea of what they want to get done, bringing them to a fine point, into a specific idea of what they want to get done and how you can do it for them. Basically, it’s a tool for a sales conversation and for driving action and decision-making with clients who are already onboard. It’s a really simple strategy tool that I use.

It’s basically a sales framework. It’s a five-part sales framework, so a sales conversation framework, that you can use in a short sales conversation or a much longer sales conversation. Generally my clients are going to have sales conversations that might be introductory for 10 to 15 minutes to say hi, or half an hour ones just to get a bit of a plan, or a more in-depth strategy call that might be an hour long where you’re really bringing people to the point of a decision. You might have a few conversations to get someone to buy, but in each case you need to follow this basic framework.

This is based on the same sales scripts that I use throughout the coaching industry. They’re really proven to work, but I’ve just looked at what are the common themes. That way, you don’t need to follow a script. As you learn this framework you can stick to the script or you can improvise, but you know what the landmarks are that you’ve got to go through in your sales conversations.


Marketing Process 2: SALES (Inbound Marketing and Sales Process)

The second process is the sales process. This is really a simple framework for the marketing activities that need to occur to bring clients into your business to convert them into buyers, people who want to talk to you about buying, and then to enrol them in your product, programme, or service.

Marketing Process 3: BUILD (Content Marketing & Syndication Process)

The third process that we use is a content syndication process. We want to leverage our IP and knowledge, so to a large degree we’d rather that the content did that for us, that we were able to take content that we’ve already got and to make it go further, and to generate sales, generate leads, and boost our profile through things like search engine ranking and shared content. Our content syndication system is designed to do that. This is a way to bring in clients and boost your profile through content.

Marketing Process 4: OFFER (Sales Presentation Offer Framework)

The fourth process, the offer process, is effectively a sales script for a presentation. The whole idea in our presentation project is we build a sales presentation, a webinar or something, and in that we want to present an offer. We need a script for how we position, and then present that offer. That’s what the offer framework is.

Marketing Process 5: SCALE (Roadmap to move to a leveraged group coaching or consulting model to help you reach 6 or 7 figures without building a large team)

Then finally, the fifth process is how do you go from starting out a coaching or consulting business where you’re getting your first few clients, and then validating your product and service, and finding the right clients, and building up to the point where you’ve got multiple clients, and then moving to a leveraged group coaching or consulting programme model so that you can serve 10 people at once rather than a handful at once, and you can run a series of programmes through the year if want to, and potentially scale even bigger from there.

What are the things that you need to have in place? What’s the timeline you need to follow to grow your business? If you want to get to multiple six figures and seven figures, you need to implement these steps. A big part of it is doing the five projects, but there’s subtleties to implementing that, and that’s what this process takes you through.

Other content in the High Value Brand Program

That’s the processes. There’s also some additional content in terms of some bonus content. This is largely free resources or paid products that I’ve got out there that are really relevant and you need to use and understand. I’ve gathered them all in one place so you don’t have to search all over the internet for it. I’ve also got the resources that you need … so to a large degree we build and provide the software and tools that you need, but there’s extra things that you might want that are unique to your business, or that that you want to get it done for you, or you want to grow faster or do it quicker. There’s some things that you’ll just need to get regardless. Things that go on your computer, for example, we don’t provide. We mostly provide the in-cloud systems and website systems.

Coaching Sessions and Support

After that, we’ve got our strategy sessions. This training includes one-on-one strategy sessions with myself and really highly skilled members of my team who specialise in specific areas. In order to for you to access those, we’ve got a schedule for you to book those coaching calls. This is where you’d book those class. Then we’ve also got optional upgrades of the IP access where you might want more one-to-one coaching, whether that’s on an ongoing basis or a bit of an intensive to get you kickstarted or to finish up a specific project.

Done for you Marketing Services

You might also want done-for-you services, and that’s accessible there as well. Then back here at the start of this section, we’ve got new training. That’s the latest stuff that’s just come out, that’s just been released. On the whole, the content is released monthly. During the schedule we’ll go through these with months. Pretty much, we go through, so month one we’ll be doing platform, vision, and focus. Then month two, we’ll be doing pipeline, attract, and sales. These are directly related. Building your sales pipeline, the philosophies of client attraction, and your sales process are all intimately linked. That applies strongly through each of these.

Bringing it all together

In the final month we’re really bringing everything together, and there is a bonus module there which we tell you about at the end. That’s something to look forward to. Effectively, the schedule let’s you know what you should be up to at the month, but you can also go in and look at the individual projects.


It’s just a different way to organise it, basically. In the schedule, on month one it will list the project, the process, and the principle for that month. It’s just a different way to look at it. Or you can go directly to the one that you want if you know what it is. If you just want to see the latest stuff that’s come out, like the latest video training, like the live webinar that you’ve just missed, for example, or the upcoming live webinar, you’ll find it in the new section. You can find it there, and all that bonus content and support content is there as well.


That is Five Projects and High Value Brand. As I said, very excited to be sharing this with you. If you haven’t come onboard already, you should talk to me because you won’t regret it. If you have, welcome aboard. It is going to be a fantastic ride. Of course, if you’ve got any questions you can just go to support and you can pretty much book a quick call any time if you’re stuck with something, and give us a schedule for strategy calls as well so you get a monthly strategy call as part of this program. That’s High Value Brand. Get back to me with any questions. I look forward to sharing this with you. If you’re just coming onboard, then you should be going into schedule and month one, or you can go straight into the projects, the platform, or focus, or vision, which are also on that page. Thank you.

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