5 Projects to Boost Your Sales, Increase Your Prices, and Leverage Your Time

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Are you a Coach, Consultant, or Service Professional who wants to build their business 6 figures or 7 figures selling high value products, programs and services?

To do so, and stay sane, you’ll need to master 3 areas:

  • Attract ideal clients
  • Enrol them at premium prices
  • Serve these in a leveraged way

By mastering these areas you can grow quickly and become a business owner rather than a transactional service provider. It’s the classic “Work on your business, not in your business” described by Michael Gerber in the E-Myth.

The 5 Marketing Projects You Need to Build in 2017

There are just 5 marketing projects you need to complete to make this shift in your business. Discover the 5 Projects you need in 2017

Most Coaches, Consultants & Professionals Struggle to get Clients

Unfortunately, most coaches, consultants and service professionals struggle to get clients online, charge less than they are worth, and end up overworked, underpaid, and generally overwhelmed. When you look at how they market their business, they are sporadic in their marketing, aren’t leveraging the web well, lack sales processes and collateral, and are stuck trading time for money. The time they do invest in marketing is largely spent chasing shiny objects, like the latest  or marketing app or social media network (remember Meercat and Periscope?).

What Successful Businesses Do Differently

High performing business that do successfully break into multiple 6 figures and 7 figures are able to achieve this because they focus on the fundamental business systems that drive business performance.

In this presentation, I share the 5 digital marketing projects that growing coaching, consulting and professional services practices need to build in order to reach 6 figures, 7 figures and beyond.

What you need to profit from your expertise online in 2017

One way to think of these projects is that they are the basic business systems that you need to leverage your expertise in the new digital economy.

If you think about it, there are 5 essential components to this.

  1. Get your business online in a meaningful way
  2. Set up systems to attract the right kind of clients
  3. Demonstrate your unique expertise to those clients
  4. Sell to those clients in a leveraged way
  5. Serve those clients in a leveraged way

That’s really what the 5 projects help you do do, in a straightforward and elegant way.

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5 Essential Marketing Projects for Coaches, Consultants, & Professionals

Hello. Welcome to 5 Projects to Boost Your Sales. I’m Dallas McMillan. I’m a marketing consultant and I specialise in high-value sales for coaches, consultants and professionals. My ideal client is selling a product, programme or service valued at $5,000 to $50,000.

Now over the last 12 years I’ve built hundreds of websites and sales funnels, and I’ve helped thousands of coaches, consultants and professionals to improve their marketing. I’ve discovered that most coaches, consultants and service professionals are really stuck in their business. They’re not getting the leverage that they should. I know online marketing can really help them, but I also see that they lack a reliable way to attract ideal clients, to enrol them at premium prices, and to deliver great results at scale. This leaves them stuck in a situation where they’re working one to one, that they’re working time for money, and they just can’t grow their business.

Now this leaves them feeling confused about marketing. Client attraction and enrolment are a mystery to them. They don’t know how to attract new clients and enrol them in their high end products, programs or services. They know they’re working too hard. This is impacting other areas of their life, but they just don’t know what to do to fix it. This leaves them feeling stressed and overwhelmed by their business, which is not what they signed up for. On the other hand, a handful of coaches, consultants and professionals are focusing on the marketing activities that really matter. This is what I call the five projects. By looking at the top coaches, consultants and professionals, like the ones I work with and people that I’ve studied online, and training and testing I’ve done myself … By looking at what the top coaches, consultants and professionals are doing to build successful online businesses, the ones that are turning over multiple six figures and seven figures, I’ve worked out that there are just five fundamental projects that you need to boost your sales and to build a six or seven-figure business.



Now during this presentation we’re going to take you through these five projects. I’d love for you to download the workbook and follow along with me. You can do that at highvaluesales.com/5projects. While you’re there, make sure you sign up for the free webinar, where we show you how to implement these five projects in your business.

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The five projects let you focus on the business systems that you need to build a six or seven-figure business in 2017. You should be focusing all of your marketing efforts on just these five projects until you get to at least that six or seven-figure point. The five projects are an online business platform, a sales pipeline, your online authority profile, a sales presentation, and a product or a productised service.

5 Project to Boost Your Sales

With these systems in place you can finally have the business you want, a business that supports you and gives you the freedom that you initially went into business for. That’s time freedom, financial freedom, and lifestyle freedom. Now let’s take a look at the five projects in detail.


Project #1: Platform

The first is your online business platform. Just like if you were setting up a physical bricks and mortar business where you’d have signage and ways to reach customers, ways to serve customers, and ways to charge customers like a cash register, you need those exact systems in your online business. All businesses are moving online in 2017. If you’re not building online business systems, then you’re going the way of the dinosaurs. Unfortunately, most coaching, consulting and professional services websites completely fail to address these, and probably only 1 or 2% of websites have these systems in place.

Project #2: Pipeline

Secondly, you need to build a sales pipeline. That’s a system to generate new positive clients coming into your business, getting pre-sold, and ready to buy from you so you’ve got a steady stream of new high-value clients.

Project #3: Profile

Thirdly, when you try to sell to these people, they’re going to google you. They’re going to check you out online. You want them to find the type of expert that they want to work with. You want to build a profile that positions you as the trusted authority in your industry, the expert at what you do.

Project #4: Presentation

Fourthly, you need some sort of sales presentation that let’s you sell to people as a group so you can sell to more than one person at once, and let’s you sell in a leveraged way so that you’re not having to be there all the time. For example, you can run a sales presentation in your sleep. Now in the online world this is a webinar or a video sales letter. In the offline world that could be something like a seminar or a workshop. By doing it online you’re able to market all around the world even when you’re not there, even when you’re busy doing something else.

Project #5: Product

Then fifthly, you need an online product that let’s you deliver high value at low cost in a leveraged way. Now, most professional services providers, coaches and consultants are stuck delivering services one to one, and they’re trading time for money. They’re stuck in this low price point and high workload cycle that they just can’t escape from. By building a high-value product that let’s you deliver awesome results for clients in a consistent way without too much time or cost on your part, you’ve got high profit margins, you can serve more people, and you can really escape that working in the business and start working on the business, and get some freedom back in your life.

Implementing 5 Projects in Your Business

There are the five projects. It’s just critical that you implement these if you want to build a six-figure or seven-figure business in 2017. In the webinar I show you how to implement these projects in your business. First we identify where you are now, which of these areas you already have in place, and where the deficiencies are. Then we create a prioritised action plan for you to build these in your business and plan the budget and the resources that you’ll need to make it happen.

I’d love for you to join me on the 5 Projects to Boost Your Sales webinar where I take you through, in detail, how to successfully implement these in your business. If you haven’t already, go to highvaluesales.com/5projects. Download the workbook and register for the webinar, where I’ll take you through, in detail, how to implement these 5 Projects to Boost Your Sales and grow your business to six or seven figures in 2017.

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