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High Ticket Book Sales Funnels for Coaches & Consultants

How to use your book or ebook to get clients

Do you have a great book and want to use it to enrol more high end clients?

Are you a Coach or Consultant with an eBook or Book and want to want to Enrol More Clients in your High Ticket Programs?

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You’ve Written a Great Book: Now You Need to Put it to Work

Many coaches and consultants have written high quality books and ebooks, thinking it will help them get more clients, build their brand and grow their business.

Unfortunately, books don’t sell themselves, and most people who read your book will never contact you again.

To get clients with your book you need a sales funnel that turns your book into a powerful lead magnet to attract, engage and enrol your ideal clients.

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How to sell Coaching & Consulting using Your Book

Hi, I’m Dallas McMillan. I help coaches and consultants sell high ticket coaching or consulting programs online.

We use a simple sales funnel to find, attract and enrol high ticket clients using a book or ebook as the “bait”.

Most coaches & consultants think that once they write their book the clients will just come flooding in, but what you’ve really created is a piece of killer marketing collateral. To create sales, you need to build a sales funnel around your book and get it in front of your ideal clients!

How to Get Coaching Clients with Your Book

Already have a book or Ebook? Get the High Ticket Sales Funnel guide to learn how to use it to attract and enrol more ideal clients.

The best type of book or ebook to get clients

This simple method can work with any book or Ebook.

✓ Free Ebooks

✓ Free Book Chapters

✓ Free Book plus Shipping

✓ Free Audio Books

✓ Full Price Books


Turn Your Existing Book into a Sales Engine with a Simple Sales Funnel


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Sell Your High Ticket Coaching Programs Using Your Book

A high quality book written for your ideal client is the “Gold Standard” marketing tool for coaches and consultants, but you need a funnel to leverage it. Learn what to do and say after people get your book to turn them into high end clients.

Leverage YOUR Book

Why your book is the ultimate marketing asset

Your book immediately positions you as an expert to your target market.

As an Author you are literally the Authority in your space.

Clients will see you differently, and you need to market yourself differently now you have a book. You need to claim your expert status and confidently offer to help people at a higher level.

Build your sales funnel around your book but make sure it moves people toward applying for a strategy call where you can add value and make a high ticket offer if there is a fit.

Book Sales Funnel Consulting

Do you have an existing book sales funnel that’s either not performing, or you want to improve it’s ROI?

Apply for a Sales Funnel Strategy Session

If you have an existing book sales funnel and are already generating 6 figures selling high value products or services and want expert help to boost your sales, then we should talk.

(Note: This is only if you are already successfully selling a $5K+ product, program or service and are ready to invest in your sales funnel. If this isn’t you, please don’t apply for a strategy session – download the guide and get the free training instead. That will help you DIY until you are ready to apply.)

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How to Leverage Your Book to Enrol more Clients

Discover to easily attract & enrol more ideal clients with your book

  • Use Social Media, Ads & Remarketing to attract new prospects
  • Attract a steady stream of new prospects into your sales pipeline
  • Position yourself as an trusted authority in your niche & industry
  • Pre-sell and qualify clients before you speak to them
  • Enrol clients at a premium price over the phone

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