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One of the best things about building your business your way, is that you can choose when you work, how and with who.

Yesterday my workday had me hanging out with my good friend Brock at his hilltop home overlooking the coral sea, recording a podcast for you about the importance of a positive mindset when it comes to business.

I really can’t do this interview justice – you’ll need to listen!

Brock’s a mindset coach, and creator of the M55 Program who helps people tap into their true potential by developing powerful daily habits and and operating from your true nature – he’s helped people (inlcuding me) get incredible results in business, sales, relationships, health and fitness.

The thing is about what Brock does is that it’s powerful and eclectic, so he has clients around the world. He’s abled to do this because he’s mastered Digital Influence – he’s using a suite of tools that let him run a high value business in alignment with his goals, values and lifestyle.

For Brock, that means spending a ton if time in nature and travelling the world with his partner in crime, Christie Fischer.

Learn how Brock has made this transition and get a taste of his expertise by watching the interview above.

What I love about Brock’s story is how he puts lifestyle first – because he’s discovered that he needs his own daily routine to live the high-performance life he wants – and this is also what he is “selling” his clients – the opportunity to live life on their terms, whatever that means to them.

Brock talks about how he needs to be authentically “living the dream” before he can sell that to someone – if he was stuck in an office he wouldn’t be energised or congruent to deliver his message.

What would you love to be doing in your life and business?

Are you truly running your business on your terms?

Unfortunately, most business owners are so stuck in their business, worried about clients, and busy trying to get work done to even sit down and plan what they really want to be creating in their life and business. I’ve learnt a lot from Brock on getting clear about this and then manifesting it in my life and business.

You can get to know Brock better by following him on Facebook, or checking out his 5 Day Challenge program on Facebook (Currently taking applications for the next opening).

Or if you are ready for a total breakthrough in your life and business, you can also apply for Brock’s full M55 program.

Check out the M55 Program

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