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Transformational Coach Duda Jadrijevic Shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

Duda is a Buddhist Transformational coach who helps other entrepreneurs to reach their potential by getting more in touch with themselves.

She’s had a successful journey as an entrepreneur herself, working with big brands like Apple, before eventually burning out from working 21 hour days for years on end.

This lead Duda to reappriase her approach to work, life and success, and to take vows as a buddhist nun. Eventually she returned to the world and how coaches other entrepreneurs to help them make changes in their life before they have to hit rock bottom.

If you want to learn more about aligning your business with your spirituality and acheiving work-life balance, you’ll love this interview with Duda Jadrijevic.

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Buddhism, transformation & business - Duda-KickAssMuse - Digital Infuence

Buddhism, Transformation & Business – Duda Jadrijevic Interview Transcript


Dallas McMillan: Hello, welcome to Digital Influence. I’m Dallas McMillan and today I’m thrilled to be interviewing Duda. Duda is the Kick Ass Muse and she’s a Buddhist Transformational Coach. Today she’s going to talk to us about Buddhism and business. I really love this topic because I think for so many people, business is almost the opposite of their spiritual life and sometimes it’s the opposite of their personal lives. The idea of getting more grounded in your spirituality and bringing your practice into your business or bringing your business and your spiritual life together is a challenge for a lot of people. If you can do that, it can really bring great joy and happiness and success. Really looking forward to hearing how Duda does this with her clients and also her journey to what sounds like a fairly exotic lifestyle. For a lot of people, being able to do something that sounds like they’re really passionate about it, but seems like it’s impossible. That’s a really great thing to achieve. Really looking forward to hearing your story, Duda. Welcome to the show.
Duda Jadrijevic: Thanks so much Dallas for having me and I really appreciate this opportunity to share the stories and some practical advice on how to achieve the dreams. I am looking forward to this. Thank you.
Dallas McMillan: Fantastic. You’ll have to explain to us all what a Buddhist Transformational Coach is. It sounds fascinating and I think we can sort of guess, but I’d love to learn more about that.
Duda Jadrijevic: Sure, I am a Buddhist Transformational coach, that’s my niche how I help people in this world. The reason why I went that journey is because I became a Buddhist in 2014, it was an official, I took vows in monastery. I’m an accidental Buddhist. That was a long journey that I will explain later on. I realized that there is a huge shift going on amongst entrepreneurs, at least the entrepreneurs that I knew around the world. As a Buddhist, I realized that I can help my fellow entrepreneurs understand what’s really happening in life, what’s happening behind the events as an entrepreneur and there’s a gap in the market. Here’s the business Duda. I’m Buddha Duda and a business Duda. I realized, you know what, we kind of like to see what Dalai Lama says, right? But we kind of don’t really take it as serious, it’s nice to read and then you just move on with your own shit, right? I’m kind of a monk, but I’m not. I actually really devoted my life to Buddhism. I started Buddhism with Buddhist Tibetan Buddhist monks. Which is a serious study for two years and then later on five years.
I really am sort of a connector between what you would learn in the monastery, but you learn it from somebody who is entrepreneur like yourself, except she totally understands what’s happening. I wanted to find a way to become happier as an entrepreneur and I see a lot of entrepreneurs struggling at times. More often the more success comes in, the more struggles we have and we grow as entrepreneurs. That was the reason why I said, okay I will actually help entrepreneurs in this way. I will teach you through Buddhism how to become happier and more self-aware entrepreneur. That’s really what I do.
Dallas McMillan: Fantastic. That can only help us with our business when we decide to get in touch with ourselves.
Duda Jadrijevic: Totally. I started my first business in 2009 and I was a very hard-working girl. I actually started even being homeless and having nothing and blah, blah, blah. It’s the old recycled stories, everybody can read on my website. The thing is I realized soon enough, because I was a Steve Jobs fan and I realized that in my free time what I did … I was working hard and really struggling to get my first clients, get money for the rent and I had months and months without food and five pounds living for two weeks, eating soups and leftovers and stuff. What I realized is, me as an entrepreneur, nobody prepared me for this, it’s a completely new doors that I opened to the world and nobody actually explained to me what to expect once I get there. The funny thing is, it’s a journey, you never get there really. I realized, for some reason that I have to invest in my own happiness if I really want my business to succeed. I failed so many times. I went for this, I want money, I want success, I work hard, I work 21 hours a day for four years. Twenty-one hours a day for four years. Crazy, right?
What happens to me is in year four, I’m totally demotivated, tired, exhausted and I lost my “why”. I’m like, why am I doing all this shit. I already have the money in my bank account. I was in six figures for ages, I employed people, but I woke up unhappy. I realized, this is it. Most entrepreneurs that come to me are really in a similar position. Maybe they’re not as tired as I was, but they do have this sense of, I already have a substantial success behind me but something is missing and I don’t understand what it is. Or they deal with obstacles in a way that they just, they suffer. Something bad happens and it just takes all their energy. As a Buddhist, I realized, hold on I’m a much happier entrepreneur right now because I understand what this obstacle actually is. I changed my mindset and I just literally share my wisdom with my fellow entrepreneurs, so they can have the same journey as me. It’s very simple.
Dallas McMillan: Terrific. [inaudible 00:06:04].
Duda Jadrijevic: Exactly, you will always fail. Buddhism, spirituality and entrepreneurship is a journey. You will never get there. You have to accept that as a fact, but you might have fun. It’s an adventure. It’s like you’re going on a holiday, you should really have fun. You shouldn’t be like, “Oh, shit. Now my car broke. Oh no, now there’s rain and I expected the sun.” Right? It all happens on a holiday, but do you really dwell on it? You don’t, because in your mindset you are set for surprises and you kind of get on with that, you kind of enjoy these little obstacles on a holiday. Why don’t you enjoy it your entrepreneurship? The reason why is because people are going into the business venture with wrong values. Even if you enter your business with the right values, what happens is that down the line, without spirituality, you never stop and reflect. You don’t stop after year to reflect who you are today. Just pause and think, am I the same Dallas that I was a year ago? No, I’ve changed. Why did you change? Because I learned something new, because I was hurt here, because I met incredible people. I got inspired. You’re never the same person you were yesterday.
Entrepreneurs don’t do that, they don’t stop, they don’t reflect. They push through with wrong values, most likely, because we live in a western world. Always about money and success and attachment to status and we mustn’t fail. We just push through on auto-pilot mode and then you hit the wall and you are not happy. You have the success, you have the house, you have the status. You want more, which is fine, but you don’t feel good. This is where I help clients. Ideally, I would help you before you hit the wall.
Dallas McMillan: As you said, no one prepares you for entrepreneurship. We start out our lives, hopefully cared for well by a parent and getting three square meals a day. If you remember to take time for lunch at work, you generally get it. If you’re employed, you’re often not being paid as much as you want or maybe not doing what you want. But it’s a pretty safe existence. It’s like being an animal at a zoo almost. You’ll get your three square meals a day, you’ll get by. You can’t do much more. Entrepreneurship does offer so much more potential, but also this potential for danger. It’s almost like a zoo animal going into the wild and suddenly they don’t know how to hunt for food. As they say in sales, it’s an eat what you kill world out there. That makes it very easy to lapse into poor values, as you say. If things are tough, it’s easy to take a client who you don’t really like working with or who ought to put up with poor business practices that you know are bad habits that will cause problems later, but you’ve got to survive. It really is a challenge early on. That journey does prepare you to get better, but it’s so easy to get caught up along the way and lose track of why you went into business in the first place.
Duda Jadrijevic: Totally. Buddhism really helped me … Or any spiritual practice in that direction. What is really does, it’s a label. I’m not into labels, but it’s a label. There’s Guedes, Gautama, Siddharta, [Mickol 00:09:37] and Buddha, which actually means the enlightened one. He just got the wisdom to understand how to be happy. That’s it. It’s a label. Buddhism, the wisdom that it helps me to understand what’s actually happening beyond this human existing labels that we use everyday. Is just helping me to become aware of who I am every day. It’s kind of like a self check-in service. If you as an entrepreneur, have this practice to check in with yourself, then you get your values right. You actually stop, reflect and you are in control of where you’re heading. You will, for example … When I was not a Buddhist and I was just a hard-working entrepreneur. I was still good girl, I wasn’t into materialistic at all. I just wanted this money for safety. Here’s the thing, when you don’t have the knowledge about real values and the bad things that are kind of causing your suffering. For example, fear, ego, attachment. You will not know how to change it. You’re trapped in your fear.
I’ll give you an example, I had this huge client. Fifteen thousand pounds each month, just from one client. Yet, there was enough to pay four employees and we just went for years, and years, and years. She was toxic. She was passive-aggressive. She was dishonest. She was everything that I’m by default allergic to. I don’t like dishonesty, I don’t like toxic. I like kindness, compassion. She was the opposite. But there was this money, because I started as a homeless girl. I got stuck, without Buddhism, in this fear. This limiting belief that this is worth that money. I was four years believing that this amount of money, justifies my pain. I got depressed, my cancer got back and my dad died. When my dad died, obviously you start processing things in a spiritual way. I then had enough of the shit. Then Buddhism kicked in saying, you were just stuck in the fear because what happens really is, I let her go and new clients came in. That was just a life experience, saying, you know never ever stop being stuck in your fear. Plus, I was stuck in that fear of not having money for seven years. I already made six figures five years down the line. I just kept this limiting belief in the background.
We all have those little limiting beliefs somewhere. For you might be something different. For me, the money was a representation of safety, but that’s bullshit. That’s actually bullshit. That’s just your limiting belief. That’s how you ego tricks you to stay in this little, little box and you just suffer there and do what everybody else around you is doing.
Dallas McMillan: Yeah, for sure. It’s so easy to be reacting to things all day and particularly when you’re growing a business. Everything’s happening for the first time or it’s happening quicker than you can respond to. When you’re growing, you’re getting more work than you’ve got staff to handle. So, you are busy reacting all day. You have to be or little fires turn into big fires, but that sets you up to be constantly reacting to things without thinking. It’s probably a bit of a trap that’s more so for entrepreneurs than it is for an every day person working a comfortable salaried job, because you have to be reacting really quickly and thinking on the spot to make sure the business works.
Duda Jadrijevic: Totally and also your understanding of why you attracted these people and these situations, is the only way you can gain control and decide, okay this one is worth it, this one is not. Without that understanding, because you’re in a haste, you have to work fast … I work fast, I run five businesses today and I have two step-kids and my partner and I moved countries and I live everywhere around the world. I’m very fast, but I check in with myself a lot in the day. When a client comes in and I feel, let’s say … A client comes in and I want that money, I need that money, I have my plans. The client comes in and it’s just … The way that client talks to me or the way I feel inside something is not right … From my experience, from my special practice I already know that it sucks my energy. Is this loss of my energy for $5,000 in four weeks, worth it or not. I would say, no. Because I can also get another client who is a delight to work with, this client will inspire me, we will have great rapport together, we will probably do partnership down the line.
I’m already in control on the business side, but on the spiritual side. Here’s the thing you can start implementing in your business. I sit down and I think how did I attract this woman? Why did she come to me? What is it in me that I attracted her towards me? This is the law of attraction that I also practice. You always attract who you are. If you’re not confident, you will attract bullies that are also not confident because we all know bullies are not confident. If you are confident and you are peaceful, let’s say I’m peaceful, I’m confident in my work, I’m not in a rush to get any money and I stand behind my prices and I’m just doing my work with all the confidence that it will come my way because I deserve it as a human being. It happens. That really requires you checking in with yourself. Trusting, this is my worth. I actually love myself, I would rather clean the toilets than coach somebody for less than $5,000, because I know that I will suffer if I get less because I know how much I give. Self-worth pricing comes back.
If I’m wobbly, if I’m wobbly somewhere and I’m scrapping for leftovers, that’s what you get. You really get … Your clients are like your partners in your life. The mirror of your self-worth. I know it’s easier said than done, but your self-worth can only grow if you know yourself.
Dallas McMillan: It is so easy to see how we’d scare away the best clients if we’re not grounded and centered, because they are looking for someone who is confident, safe, together and has that centeredness. That gives us assurance that someone is the right person to work with.
Duda Jadrijevic: Yeah, totally. The thing is, it always happens. We can’t get it always right. I don’t like to call bad and good days. I actually just call it maybe low energy days and high energy. I remember I had a call recently with a guy and I knew this guy was really somebody I wanted on board, but because I was moving countries and I was so tired, really tired. I really gave my best on that call, but I didn’t perform well and so … I probably said things that I shouldn’t have said. If I would have actually meditated, but I wasn’t in a position. Let’s say I was just more grounded and more clear, it would go well. But it didn’t, because I didn’t. I didn’t met for at least 15 minutes that morning. I was that lower version of myself on that day. It happens, you can always mend it later on with your actions, it’s not always lost. I also didn’t beat myself up. The pre-Buddhist Duda would just beat myself up. It would be a disaster. I am a drama queen by default.
Nowadays, I’m thinking, there is a reason why things are happening like this. You have a priority, you’re priority is to move from London to Australia. You had so much on your plate. You’re really doing well in everything. You’re always making an effort. You are aware what you’ve just done, that’s good enough. That’s also fine. If you just go, go, go and you don’t even take care of yourself and then Apple comes in as a client and you just fuck it up, because you didn’t do your best, that’s really not a life that you want in the long term.
Dallas McMillan: Tell us more about your clients and how you come to work with them. How does a Transformative Buddhist Coach find clients who needs them and what sort of problems do they have that motivate them to go out looking for you?
Duda Jadrijevic: That’s an interesting one. Previously, I would follow quite a lot of coaches telling me how I have to market myself, which is fine, I learned a lot. A Buddhist Transformational Coach like myself invests in herself and her wisdom. My marketing is very simple, I don’t pay Google anymore for any ads. I don’t pay anything to anyone. I do attract who I am, so I make a huge effort to be very grounded, centered and wise and inspire and educate people. I use Facebook a lot.
I combine my business knowledge with Buddhism, so my marketing is simple. I inspire and educate and I make people want to talk to me. The reason why they always want to talk to me is even when I type, I get messages saying, “I just feel that you are so grounded and you are so sure about what you do that I just want to talk to you.” There’s no marketing that can fake that. It’s the vibe. I used Facebook posts, I also transfer them into auto-responders to my subscribers, I put it on any social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter and stuff. That’s fine, but what I really do is I meditate, I understand … Like he other day I said, if an asshole hurts you in your life, you should gracefully smile and say thank you. Then I explain, what is an asshole? Is it really an asshole? What is beyond that? I get a lot of clients by that. They really … It’s not stuff that you would easily find online. I’m kind of like a little Buddha with swearing words in her posts that actually explains what’s happening. The same in business.
Most of the clients are very much interested in the law of attraction, so my ideal client would be a person who is successful, has done it to an extent … You don’t have to be on six figure business, but you have to be aware that you’ve done quite a good amount of work in business, but there’s something missing. It’s this itchy feeling that you kind of want to love yourself more, it’s always self-love. I’m doing fine, I’m working hard, everything is going well, but I somehow just don’t feel good about myself. What really is happening to you is, because you are an entrepreneur, you are on a massive journey of self-discovery, but you just didn’t know it. Nobody told you, hey by the way, once you start becoming entrepreneur you will start your own spiritual journey.
That’s what’s happening to you. If you have that itchy feeling and you are committed to your business and to yourself, you then commit to a transformational coaching, which helps you take care of yourself because you’re the biggest asset of your business. That will be a client that comes to me and they come to me from all over the world. Literally, any country in this world and I sometimes can’t even track where they come from. I do ask, so they would probably watch a video on YouTube, they go on my website, Facebook. I don’t pay any ads anymore, I just attract people. And I choose my clients.
Dallas McMillan: How much do you use video, because that’s obviously a powerful medium. That’s something I’ve been meaning to do more of for years and I have recently, which has been great. Do you use Facebook live? How much do you use YouTube? Tell us more about that.
Duda Jadrijevic: Great, okay. I did a lot of videos last year and I actually find them really cool, because people get to know you. Here’s the thing, if you are grounded, if you really are kind to yourself and you just start enjoying your thing that you do, you will come across like that on a video. You can’t fake that vibe. So, I love videos because I really enjoy talking in front of the camera and I just love connecting with people. I use it a lot. I did neglect it recently because of my move. I don’t use Facebook live purely because my ego is keeping me in limiting belief. I saw so many bad live videos, that I’m kind of thinking this is not for me. This is an example of how you shouldn’t be. A real Buddhist would just do her own thing for the purpose of inspiring others. Very good example, you know you’re ego is playing tricks with you and keeps you limited.
Podcasts are really cool, I started to do them as well. It’s very simple, voice memo, on you iPhone. I just talk while I’m cooking or whatever, always choose a topic, send it to my assistant and she just posts it everywhere. Fine. I think communicating … This is the thing, Buddhism helps you also in marketing because nothing beats wisdom. Nothing beats an authentic, one sentence even … If you write an article, there’s one authentic, wise sentence from you. That’s going to bring you the client. It’s never the usual stuff.
Dallas McMillan: Yeah, I [imagine 00:23:47]. That’s great and you [interview 00:23:51] as well?
Duda Jadrijevic: Yes, i actually interview quite a lot of inspiring people. I am very passionate about entrepreneurship. I’m a total Steve Jobs girl. These guys are my kind of people. By the way, I did attract Apple as my client, four years ago. Actually five years ago. They’re one of my clients as well, because I ran five businesses. I do law of attraction quite a lot in my life. I do webinars with like-minded entrepreneurs or even somebody who’s not doing similar things to me but is super inspiring in what they do and they can teach people. I am very much about authentic. Quite a lot of my clients, become also people that I interview because they’ve really done that work. They know their “why”. They become key persons of influence in their field, which is great, that’s what you want.
If my intention is authentic and it’s all about kindness and having an impact on other people, it just works. This sounds a bit “woo woo”, but it is actually true. I do know that if my webinar and my video is there with a … Nothing to sell, but pure intention to transform one viewer’s life, it will work.
Dallas McMillan: Great. That is the measure of something like a webinar, is the opportunity for people to try it out and if they get results with you that quickly, then that tells them it will work. Already you’ve said that your best clients, they tend to already be doing some law of attraction and they’re trying to apply it to the entrepreneurship. They’re part way down the journey. They’re getting results from it, but they know it’s worth investing more and they see you as someone who’s mastered it. It really sounds like you are attracting people who are wanting to go down the same path and they want to follow someone who’s had proven success.
Duda Jadrijevic: Totally, but you know not everybody practices law of attraction that they come to me. When I have a free session, which all of your viewers can get with me after this video, is the only thing you need to have is a burning desire to try out new things. I don’t care if you’re successful or not, all I care is that you are 100% committed to try something else because it doesn’t cost you anything. It costs you a coaching program of four weeks. Really the practice itself doesn’t cost you anything. Those practices that I tell people in the coaching sessions, like three minutes each practice, so time is no excuse, money is not excuse. They’re into dream, they’re in to believe that okay the universe does have your back, so tell me how it works. I actually teach people how to build the trust and relationship with the universe, so that they can actually move from hard work and negative mindset into the easy work, easy … It’s coming my way, I don’t chase, it coming my way. Why? Because I know what I want. I say it clearly to the universe. There’s a way how to manifest things. The only thing you, as a client would need to have is an open mind and ready to check.
I have clients who are amazing at what they do. They are really successful and they went for year coaching program and they will do all of this Buddhism, but law of attraction is like no go. I try few times and I’m very strict, I’m very strict. I find my way and then you have homework. They’d say, “No, this is shit, I’m never going to do this. I’m not.” And I’m like, “You’re not going to get your money back and you’re off.” I find the way how to explain to you and when they start practicing, when they actually … Because of that homework, they every day, they find evidence. I open your eyes a little bit, then the transformation happens. Then they start attracting contract that bring potential million pounds of worth, you know contracts and stuff. You become happier, you don’t feel alone anymore. You’re not alone, there’s this law that works, whether you know it or not.
The only thing really is your open mind.
Dallas McMillan: Fantastic. How do you generally work with people? Is it one-on-one coaching or do you have a group coaching program? Do you do much live work or live events? What modalities do you use to interact with your clients?
Duda Jadrijevic: I do have online courses, which are great if you want to start. They’re very simple, filmed in my studio in London and it’s all about content. Self-doubt, how to become a digital nomad, everything … How to attract love, how to get confidence to actually do what you’re really, really want to do. Different steps. Online courses are easy, they’re cheap, they’re probably around $100 each course. Twenty percent goes to profits to charities in Bali. That’s one way that I reach people. The other way is I do one-to-one coaching. I do it, you can have a one off confession session. Where you basically offload your shit that you can’t really share with anyone else and I deeply scan what the issue is and explain to you and give you a recipe that kind of works for you, it always does because I’m very intuitive as well. The most used program is the four weeks program. So you have four sessions and you have a lot of homework and you have to apply everything you do. You have homework, you apply it in your real life.
That’s how I actually also started Buddhism. It’s not intellectually understanding what it is. I actually have to live it and then write a whole essay on it. Then I have a retreat. You can go on a retreat with me for a substantial amount of money, for three days. Friday, Saturday, Sunday we go in the middle of nowhere and we actually have a one-to-one retreat. If you are coach, let’s say, … I have a lot of coaches and they want to become deeper in Buddhism and spirituality, they learn from me. They would have a year’s program. That’s more for people who wouldn’t study with the monks like I do, or they don’t have the money or the time to go to the monastery like I did, but they want somebody who is actually quite connected with them. They would learn … And I’m a coach so they would always ask me, how do I do this or I kind of just transfer my wisdom with them. That’s the way I do.
I do a lot of speaking gigs lately. I do a lot of interview and that’s basically where I’m heading towards. I will probably do crowd coaching where I’m just in front of the audience and you have a hot seat if you want to share your problem. I’ll resolve it there. So, people can actually relate to your issue, because we all have the same issues. We think we’re very unique and I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but we are actually not. We’re very, very, very similar. We all have the same basic needs that are not met. Which is self love, self worth confidence. Then the pain, we’ve been rejected, we’ve been abandoned. The external factors. It’s beautiful. That’s a beautiful way to coach people.
Dallas McMillan: Great. Tell me about what people get from your coaching. It still seems a little bit esoteric to me imagining how this actually plays out. Perhaps you can say a story of someone who came to you and what situation they were in, what they thought they wanted, why they thought you could help and then what you did and then what outcomes they got? Just to give us a sense of what it’s like working with you and what your work’s like, what your day looks like.
Duda Jadrijevic: Okay, here’s the thing. They come to me when they are not happy with how they feel about their business or if the business is not doing as well as they think. Main problem with the business side is they are kind of losing the motivation. I also ask private questions, because we are also like … it reflects. Your private life and business, they are intertwined. So, I have to work on both. In the first free session, I discuss both business and private because Buddhism needs to be applied in both. Then I basically work on what are the things that you want to change in your business. Why are you not motivated? I really go in to why, what’s behind you not being motivated. You think that you’re tired, you think it’s this … But actually it’s always you forgot your “why”, you didn’t do the self check-in, for years. Now you’re stuck in this business that doesn’t bring you joy anymore.
What I really do with the clients is I scan them and I kind of do a clear out. I basically just highlight to you what’s really going on because people don’t have clarity. You don’t have clarity, that’s why you come to me. You know something’s not right, but you can’t find the solution. Because it’s yours. I’m kind of putting you on this position as if you were in an airplane and I show you what’s going on in your situation right now and why you feel like this. Then you probably freak out because you might see something you don’t want to see. This is it, that’s your life. I basically help you. This is where that kindness and compassion comes in, but I am also … Luckily I’m clever, so I always have a business solution handy. I literally then work on your mindset, so I remove that fear that you were going to feel. I will just explain to you why you feel fear and how easy it is to change. So, I work on your mindset. I explain to you, this is your ego. This is your fear. This is your limiting belief. I teach people how to start dreaming. We don’t have to-do list, we actually have a dream list.
This is law of attraction. You will get only what you aim for. Because you’re so freaked out with your de-motivation and blah blah, you don’t’ even allow yourself to dream. So, I kind of clear that out. It’s your safe space of self-reflection. I help you de-clutter your house. We kind of paint it with the paint that you actually wanted, or you might have changed your mind. Doesn’t matter, you are allowed to change your mind. We paint it and then we just say, this is your dream and now, let’s do tangible goals how to actually … Like steps. It’s basically action step, like plan, action plan.
I work with you on those steps. It’s very fast. I don’t take a lot of time. You actually have to be fast and just keep doing. The reason why, is not because I don’t want to work with you longer than four weeks. It’s because in those four weeks I want you to gain momentum and to prove to yourself that it’s working. This is where most cultures kind of fail. They go on and on and on, but if you come to me demotivated, I want you to feel the motivation quickly. If I just detangle all this shit around you and show you this is it and you actually see, “Oh my God, it’s actually simple. I don’t want this anymore, I wanted this and I didn’t know.” I just removed the fear and your limiting beliefs and I work with you fast on it. You will immediately see the different. That’s how you actually change your mindset. I can’t change it for you, I can only help you move fast and change it for yourself.
Dallas McMillan: It is amazing how when you do get results … I’m bad at tidying and recently we tidied the house, I still haven’t quite finished the office, but it’s addictive. When you get those results, when you see the clean room and when you can walk through without cringing at all the things lying around, immediately you get a little rush. It rewards you, so having those quick results makes it easier then to take the next step. And you get even bigger results. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy once you start experiencing success, isn’t it?
Duda Jadrijevic: Yeah and also you get confidence because you did it. Nobody else did it for you. Plus, you know when you tidy up your room and then …
Dallas McMillan: No, I don’t.
Duda Jadrijevic: And suddenly, what kicks in is creativity.
Dallas McMillan: Yes, sure.
Duda Jadrijevic: Yeah. In the room you would say, “Awe, this is beautiful. What’s missing is this beautiful white table that I saw somewhere.” In business it’s the same. You cleared it out and then suddenly you start having this “aha moments”. Creativity is not for painters and singers, creativity is for business solutions. You will become a problem-solver at any time in your business, if you really have a clear picture of what’s going on. It’s not a [one-off 00:37:05], you should do it regularly, right?
Dallas McMillan: I don’t know why, the clutter is almost like our baggage that we’re still [carrying 00:37:11] around with us. The old things that we should have left behind, all packed up.
Duda Jadrijevic: Yes, the other thing I wanted to tell you, Dallas, is that most of my clients actually struggle a lot with their personal lives. The business is [one 00:37:26], but really what they start talking mostly is about their relationships. This is just the proof that you are the most important asset. Business is an entity that you’re creating. You are not your business. You created this energy and entity, it’s yours, but it’s not you. If you are struggling in this part, you’re also struggling in this part because it’s only one you. What happens if they start talking about the business, but they’re relationships are really going down the hill. I get a lot of discussions about divorce, how to reconnect with my partner, mothers, fathers, family time, resentment in the relationships, what’s going on. I do both. I would probably 50% spend on the business side and 50% on the relationship side.
You apply both principals … The same principals in both aspects of your life. Plus, people who really want law of attraction, I always ask, it’s your decision. They do get the training how to get the law of attraction. That means in your business, you will start attracting clients that you want and you will get a domino effect in your relationships. Even from your wife or husband. If you know how to do it. It’s not manipulating, it’s just that you need to work on yourself a little bit and we understanding the law.
Dallas McMillan: Wow, if people do want to work with you and get to know more about what you do. How do people find you? Duda, you’ve got a website, don’t you?
Duda Jadrijevic: I’ve got a website, which is kickassmuse.com and when you visit that website, there’s a pop-up window where you can schedule a free session. Or because I’m fairly booked out, I do get a lot of messages on Facebook. So, Duda Jadrijevic, which is my profile. You can just find me on Facebook, add me as a friend, it’s a public profile and people just message me all the time. I think Facebook is the platform where people just talk to me a lot. I’m in many, many Facebook groups anyway.
Dallas McMillan: Terrific. I’ll put a link to the website and the Facebook group in there. You said you had a free gift as well.
Duda Jadrijevic: Yes I think that if you just mention that you watched this webinar, you just mention Dallas and you get one online course for free of your choice. So, if you go on my website, under online courses. You have to visit my website, this is for the [inaudible 00:40:05]. Go on my website, find online courses. I have five different online courses and if you make an effort, attract me, mention Dallas, I will give you a free access to one of them.
Dallas McMillan: Wow, that’s very generous. Fantastic. Thanks for that. Any parting thoughts that we should take with us on our day to find business and spiritual enlightenment?
Duda Jadrijevic: I think you should just stop and maybe breathe for five minutes and stop rushing and chasing. Just understand that you might die tomorrow, so you have one life and you have to cherish yourself first because people will by you, people will go to you, so you have to be the best, happiest, calmest, peaceful version of yourself.
Dallas McMillan: Fantastic. I could listen to you all day. I look forward to hearing more about some of your experiences. Thanks so much for your time, Duda. It really has been great. A really different approach to business. I think it’s going to be really inspiring for a lot of people, whether they’re frustrated or whether they’re excited about the opportunity to go to the next level in their business. Thanks for your time, I appreciate it.
Duda Jadrijevic: Thank you so much for having me. I do appreciate it too. Thank you.
Dallas McMillan: Lovely. Have a great week and I’ll talk to you all soon.
Duda Jadrijevic: Cool



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