Buyer’s Journey Map for Schools

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Map your customer’s journey to improve the user experience

Buyer’s Journey Visualisation can be useful no matter what business you are in. While the Buyer’s Journey first gained widespread usage in B2B marketing such as enterprise software sales, the tools can be useful for understanding B2B, B2C and internal customer journeys.

A great exmaple of this is the Evaluation and Grading Journey created by Spring Studio (from

This journey examines the process that teachers go through and look at the experiences of teachers, students and parents at each stage of the process.

How could you map your customer journey’s better?

What external or internal client journeys could you map?

Professional Services Buyer’s Journey

Check out the Professional Services Buyer’s Journey to learn more detail of how people search for, choose and buy professional services today, and what professionals need to do to support their client’s buying process.

Buyer's Journey schoolloop

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