Content Marketing Through The Buyer’s Journey

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Use Content to Connect with your Ideal Clients throughout their Buying Journey

If you’ve read and listened to The Professional Services Buyer’s Journey, you’ll understand the importance of attracting, connecting and engaging with your ideal clients throughout their buying process.

Mapping out your ideal client’s Buyer’s Journey is a great way to visualise what content you need at each stage of their buying process, and understand what you need to do to support them via your sales and marketing process, sales collateral and client relationships.

This infographic from Carpe Diem Consulting does a great job of showing how the client’s journey is supported through different dimensions via content and engagement.

Content Marketing Along the Buyer's Journey

Give Buyers the Right Content and Value at the Right Time

I’ve found most service professionals are great at creating the content but lack the big picture marketing strategy and insight into the customer journey, meaning they give the wrong information or give it at the wrong time, turning off potential buyers. (For more information on this view The Five Levels of Value Delivery, which explains how you need to dynamically adjust your the type of value you deliver via content through the buying process.)


Watch 5 Levels of Value Delivery

Value Delivery Play






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