Content Marketing to Support the Buying Journey

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Choose the right content format throughout the buyer’s journey

Your marketing content needs to evolve to support they buyer’s journey, both in format and in tone. For example, early on in the buying process clients mostly need information to help them make sense of their situation and symptoms. Later they need to be educated on problems and solutions. Near the end they need help with implementation and purchase.

One of my favourite guides to choosing the right content, format and channel throughout the buying is this rich guide from Social Media U, which includes a ton of easy to understand infographics to help you make sense of the different social channels, content types, and how to adapt these to produce the best content throughout your customer’s buying process.

Obviously the marketing channel and content you choose needs to match your ideal client – for B2B sales and marketing, that’s going to be different to typical B2C marketing.

Choosing the right social media channel for your content marketing



Still confused? Try this instead: Social Media as explained by Cat Memes



Map Your Marketing Content to Your Client’s Buying Journey

Once you’ve picked your channel, it’s time to plan your content throughout the client’s buying journey.


Learn more about the Buyer’s Journey

Watch the Buyer’s Journey to Learn More about the crucial steps your ideal clients go through on their way to purchasing your most valuable products and services.

Buyer's Journey Play



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