Customer Journey Mapping to Create More Value

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Customer Journey Maps Help You Plan Your Content Marketing

Customer Journey Mapping is a great tool to help you discover how your customer wants and needs to recieve value, and plan how to support that through content marketing throughout the Buyer’s Journey.

Customer Journey maps are a great tool to map the user experience as prospective clients move through your sales and marketing process.

As we covered in The Professional Services Buyer’s Journeyclients go through a fairly predictable process of discovery on their path to buying your most valuable products and services.

Buyer's Journey PlayMap your content to the customer’s journey, to deliver the right value at the right time.

This great infographic and accompanying article from i-scoop show how to identify the different stages of the buyer’s journey, and demonstrate several different approaches to designing and developing a customer journey map. Check out the article here.



Tailor your marketing content to the stage of they buyer’s journey

Because your clients needs, knowledge and perspective change through their buying journey, you need to tailor your marketing and sales collateral to suit the stage of their buying process.

Watch the video below to see how the type of value customers need evolves through the buying journey.

Marketing Content for Each Stage of the Customer Journey

Value Delivery Play



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