Double Your Fees and Quadruple Your Income with High Ticket Sales

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 How Coaches can 2x their Fees & 4x their Revenue with High Ticket Sales

Jennifer Diepstraten is a sales consultant and trainer at High Ticket Sales Success. Jennifer has over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing and is an expert in the art and science of high ticket sales. She’s sold over $14  million over 10 years in corporate sales in the challenging world of biotech and medical equipment.

Jennifer’s experience in sales and coaching means she can transform your approach to coaching and help you take decisive action to improve your sales forever.

In this interview, Jennifer shares how coaches, consultants and professionals can 2x their sales and 4x their income by mastering high ticket sales in their business.

To learn more about implementing high ticket sales in your coaching or consulting business get your copy of Jennifer Diepstraten’s excellent book, The High Ticket Selling Revolution at:

You can learn even more about how to increase your sales and revenue with High Ticket Sales in this blab interview with Jennifer by Simone Niles from Sim Coaching:

High Ticket Sales with Jennifer Diepstraten


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