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Dallas McMillan

Digital Brand Strategist

Learn how to attract your ideal clients with Facebook Ads

Hi, I’m Dallas. I’m a brand strategist at Influential – the digital agency for professionals. 

Would you like to learn how to attract clients, buyers, fans and followers using social media advertising?

Over the last 12 months Facebook ads have become more powerful than ever with new features that allow you to easily target your ideal customer.

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Master Facebook’s Powerful Targeting to Attract your Ideal Clients

You’ll learn about Facebook ads powerful new new features:

  • Facebook Tracking Pixels
  • Retargeting
  • Custom Audiences
  • The new Facebook Ads Manager
  • The Power Editor

And how you can use Facebook Ads to:

  • Attract new clients
  • Build your email list
  • Sell your products
  • Send them to an online store
  • Get them to come into your business
  • Market your book, course or podcast

This is updated training suitable for those new to Facebook advertising, as well as those who’ve used Facebook ads in the past but are confused by new features and interfaces.

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