Finding your 1 thing

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How to find your “1 thing”

When building your brand, it’s important to develop a “claim to fame” – a differentiator that gets people’s attention, gets them interested in what you do and inspires them to take action.

Finding your 1 thing it’s what you do differently that makes a difference
How do you choose 1 thing to focus on when you have 2 or more passions or skills?
Work out where you are different that makes a difference for your clients – this is what you want to be known for.

Once you find your “1 thing” it gets much easier to make a difference doing what you love


They key to finding your 1 thing is focussing on what makes you different that actually makes a difference to clients.


Finding your 1 thingWhy You Need 1 Thing – The Problem

Getting your 1 thing right - Dallas McMillan - influential

Why do we even need 1 thing? We want to crystalise our brand into a single, easy to grasp concept that people can easily understand, buy and refer.

Once people understand what you are selling, you don’t need to sell it – you just need to identify people’s need for it and they’ll sell themselves.

Most people have multiple passions, skills and interests though, so when they meet prospective clients it’s unclear what they do, who they do it for, and what makes them different or special.

By getting clear about these things and condensing it down to 1 thing, branding, marketing and sales become much easier.

(Credit to Marisa Murgatroyd for this Venn Diagram – I was working on this for years and then saw Marisa’s version, which totally nails it!)

What you do, Who you serve, How you're different

So how do you choose “1 thing” when there are multiple options? Your brand’s value derives from What you do, who you serve, and how you are different. When working out your most marketable positioning, How you are different makes all the difference.

So focus on identifying How you are different that also makes a difference to your clients.

How You are different makes the difference

Eg – if you are a business coach who loves fishing, that’s only relevant if you want to work with clients who love fishing. If you can find some way to make that relevant, it could be a winner. But if it’s not relevant to people when choosing a business coach, then it would just be a distraction.

When you find a point of difference, that actually helps make a difference for your ideal clients, you can incorporate that into your 1 thing.

Value = What you Do, How you are different

Your point of differentiation needs to be relevant, have substance and make a difference for your ideal client.

Substance Relevance Difference

What do I mean by making a difference? Making a difference in a way that matters to your clients:

  • Something they care about, understand and see as relevant to them and their situation
  • Something that makes a tangible difference in the results they get from working with you
  • Something that is different or unique about you, your product or service, that relates to the outcome or result they experience when they work with you.

How you are different That makes a difference to your clients


Make a Difference Doing What You Love

Once you work out your one thing, and it’s based on something that differentiates you in the marketplace, it makes it much easier for you to make a difference doing what you love.

Make a difference doing what you love

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