Framing – How to Pitch Anything #1

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Framing & Frame Control for Sales Conversations

Oren Klaff’s book Pitch Anything outlines a simple framework to pitch deals which includes many valuable ideas to help you perfect your sales conversation.

In the book, Oren argues that most of the time when we try to pitch, present or persuade, our ideas aren’t communicated properly to our prospect

The reason for this is that when we encounter new information, especially complex information the new ideas need to pass through our primitive “Croc Brain” before it can reach the more modern and advanced neocortex which needs to receive and interpret the information.

The primitive “Croc Brain” filters information to ensure only important, interesting information is passed to the neocortex.

Oren’s book Pitch Anything covers the ever important aspect of making your ideas be heard and make you capable of influencing others. In part 1, we discuss Setting The Frame.

Pitch Anything outlines the common types of frames we will encounter in business situations and how to deal with them. The main frames it addresses are are the power frame, the time frame, the prize frame, and analytist frame. The analyist frame is critical to avoid because people buy what they want – a “hot” cognition, not what they “need” – a “cold” cognition based on analysis.

Set the Frame

This video covers part 1 of the Pitch Anything STRONG framework: Set the Frame.

The STRONG Framework

  • Set the Frame
  • Tell the Story
  • Reveal the Intrigue
  • Offer the Prize
  • Nail the Hookpoint
  • Get the Deal

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