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How to sell high ticket coaching services, programs and courses online.

If you are a coach and have been struggling to attract enough high value clients, or to reach six figures in your coaching business, learning how to sell high ticket coaching online will transform your business.

How to sell high ticket coaching, group coaching, online coaching

Have you ever wondered how Celebrity Coaches like Tony Robbins use social media and online sales funnels to attract and enrol high ticket clients – without spending hours a day looking for new clients?

Top coaches around the world have discovered the power of online sales funnels to attract, engage and enrol high ticket coaching clients so that they can finally grow a highly profitable, sustainable business.

In this short video I give you an introduction to selling High Ticket Coaching using Online Sales Funnels. After you’re watched the video, you can download my guide to High Ticket Sales Funnels and start implementing it in your business today.

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High Value Coaching Video Transcript

How to Grow your Coaching Business with Sales Funnels

Hello, welcome to High Ticket Coaching, I’m Dallas McMillan from Influential.

Today I’m going to talk to you about how you can massively grow your coaching business by improving your online sales, marketing and lead generation.

High Ticket Coaching

I run a digital marketing agency called influential I specialize in working with coaches, consultants and professional services firms who want to attract high value clients online.

I’ve been marketing and selling professional services using online marketing for more than 12 years. Most of my clients are coaches, consultants or professional services firms like Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and Financial Advisers.

Influential, Digital Marketing Agency for Consultants

Today I’m going to talk to you about high ticket sales funnels because they are one of the best ways to sell high ticket products and services online.

These are ideal if you are selling consulting services, coaching programs or online courses or programs.

These funnels are the perfect way to sell high ticket coaching programs – whether you serve clients one on one, coaching, group coaching, or online coaching, there is a sales funnel that’s perfect for you.

How to sell high ticket coaching, group coaching, online coaching

How to Sell One on One Coaching Services

For example with one on one coaching, it’s a more intimate product – so it makes sense to sell it in a more intimate way – the client funnel I’ll show you today is perfect for that.

How to Sell Group Coaching Programs

With group coaching, it’s more of a social experience, isn’t it, so it makes sense to sell it in a more social way, so online webinars are perfect for that. And they are just an extension of the client sales funnel I’ll show you today. At the end of this video I’ll show you where you can get more information on the other sales funnels I’ll show you today to grow your business

How to Sell Online Coaching Programs & Courses

The third type of coaching we often sell with high ticket sales funnels is online coaching. These are coaching programs and coaching courses, that are conducted online, using tools like Skype or Zoom or Webinars. And the real power for this is it lets you serve a global audience, and that can radically transform your business, especially if you are a very specialized coach serving a small niche and you sell high ticket – it can be hard to find enough ideal clients in your local area, so being able to serve clients globally can transform your business.

3 top high ticket coaching sales funnels

So let’s look at the top 3 performing sales funnels, and I’ll go into detail on the first one. The first one is the client funnel – it is really a coaching strategy session funnel.

It’s perfect to start with because its’ easy to set up and you just need the simple client sales funnel and the telephone to enrol high-ticket clients through online marketing.

My clients use this approach to enrol new clients for thousands of dollars per month – for example one of my clients runs a business-coaching program and enrols new clients at 50k per year. For him, being able to speak to a steady stream of prequalified potential clients on the phone is a perfect way to enrol new clients. It’s easy, It’s low-tech, and it works.

Coaching business growth

Because of this, sales funnels are one of the most powerful systems you can develop to grow your coaching business.

Let’s take a look at how the high ticket client funnel works.


The Client Funnel – Enrol new clients with a free Coaching Strategy Session

high ticket coaching webinar sales funnels

Use Facebook Ads to bring ideal clients into your funnel

With sales funnels, the first thing we need is a source of traffic.

At the moment, Facebook ads are one of the best sources of traffic.

They’re affordable, they are attractive, most people are on Facebook, and they are easy to get started with.

We can use FB ads to get our message in front of clients, and make them an offer of some sort of free gift – I generally use an EBook or a report, something that is easy for them to download and use.

Offer a free gift in exchange for their contact details

So in this example of have on offer of a free EBook – this is my free guide to Lead Generation for Professionals.

If people click on the ad they go to a landing page, where we tell them more about the free gift, and offer for them to download it by entering their name and email address.

After they submit their details we take them to a thank you page where we congratulate and thank them for downloading the EBook.

Use a video on your thankyou page to offer a free coaching session

We can also offer to show them how to implement the EBook in their life or business on a free live coaching call.

If you’re interested in applying, you need to be this kind of client and want these kinds of results.

Then we can qualify them by getting them to fill out an application form.

Qualify clients by getting them to complete an application form

In the application process they fill out a form where they tell us more about their business so we can make sure that we can help them and that they are the right kind of client for us. I don’t want to waste their time and mine talking to people who won’t be a good fit.

From there, if they look like a good client for us, we can take them to a strategy call to enroll new clients.

Give more value with a coaching strategy call to plan a solution

On the strategy call you’d simply offer them a free coaching session to show them how you can help them and how they can it can work with them.

That way you both have a chance to see if it’s the right fit.

Offer the opportunity to work with you only to the best clients

That way you are only selling to people who really want to work with you.

And if there is a fit you can make an offer for them to work with you at the end.

So that’s how simple it is – it really is a simple process

Discover the Best Sales Funnels for Coaches

So if you’d like to know more about the top 3 proven funnels to sell high ticket coaching and consulting services, you can download my free guide to High Ticket Sales Funnels for coaching and consultants

In the book we’ll go through the client funnel I’ve just showed you, the webinar funnel and the launch funnel.

Download your free guide to High Ticket Sales Funnels

So download your copy now, I look forward to seeing you on the other side where you can learn how to implement high-ticket sales funnels in your business.

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high ticket coaching sales funnel free book download

Thanks for listening, this is Dallas McMillan form Influential and I’ll see you on the other side.






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