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High Ticket Consulting Sales, Marketing & Lead Generation Strategies

How to sell high end consulting services, programs and products online using High Ticket Sales Funnels.

If you are an consultant who would like to attract more high value clients then you need to consider using online marketing.

Your clients now start their search for consulting services online – if you want to attract more ideal clients, you need to leverage the web in order to grow your business.

Top consultants around the world have discovered the power of online sales funnels to attract, engage and enrol high ticket coaching clients so that they can finally grow a highly profitable, sustainable business.

Hi, I’m Dallas McMillan. I’m a marketing & sales funnel consultant specialising in high ticket sales for coaches, consultants and professional services firms.

In this short video I give you an introduction to selling High Ticket Coaching using Online Sales Funnels. After you’re watched the video, you can download my guide to High Ticket Sales Funnels and start implementing it in your business today.

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High Ticket Coaching Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Dallas McMillan from Influential – Welcome to High Ticket Coaching

Today I’m going to share to you how you can improve your sales, marketing and lead generation using online sales funnels

I run a digital marketing agency called Influential. We work with professional services firms, coaches & consultants who want to attract high value clients online

Today I’m going to talk to you about how to sell high ticket consulting, whether it’s your services, an online program or products that you’ve developed.

This is aimed at highly expert consultants – people who already have a high value product or service that they are selling already, and they want to attract more ideal clients in an automated way so that they can focus on dealing with the best clients, and focus on what they do best which is getting results for their clients.

Today I’m going to share with you the 3 top performing sales funnels. These are ideal for selling consulting services, coaching programs and online courses and products – there is a sales funnel that will work with whatever you use to deliver value to your clients.

You can package in with a high ticket sales funnel.

The first one I’m going to show you is the client funnel, then I’ll also show you the webinar funnel and the launch funnel. After that I’m going to take you through the client funnel in more detail, because that’s the simplest funnel and the easiest to get started with, and the other funnels are really just more complex versions of the client funnel.

The client funnel is ideal for attracting one on one consulting clients – which is perfect for really high end clients where you can target the client and their problem or goal very specifically.

Let’s take a closer look at how the client funnel works.

We start off with an online promotion like a Facebook ad. The message in the ad needs to very closely targeted to the ideal client and the problem they face.

In this example, I’ve got an EBook I’ve written for professionals who want more clients.

If they click on this ad they go to a download form which tells them more about the book – more about the gift, and if they enter their name and email address they can download the eBook.

After they enter their name and email and click submit, we take them to a thank you page where we thank them for downloading the EBook, and we can make them another offer. For example, we can say – here’s what you’ll learn when you read this, here’s some things to think about before you implement it, and if you’d like help to implement this in your business, then you can request an appointment with me and a free strategy call. On the call I can show you how this might work for you, and if there is a fit and you are interested in working with me we can talk about how that might look.

The we take them to apply for the free consulting call, so that I know the kind of people I’m going to be talking to, I can make sure I only talk to people that I can help, I can prepare for the call so I can give them a ton of value, and if they aren’t the right sort of client I can decline the application or perhaps refer them to someone else.

Then on the call, you just do what you already do best – you consult with them to help them identify their problem or goals, how they can get there, and how you might be able to help them. You can map out a path for them to move forward to get the result they want. Then you can make an offer for them to enrol to work with you and close the sale.

So if you’d like to get access to my other high ticket sales funnels. We just went through the client funnel, and I’ll also share the webinar funnel and the launch funnel.

Just click on the link below this video to download my guide to high ticket sales funnels for coaches and consultants. Alternatively you can Google “High Ticket Sales Funnels” and you’ll find it all over Google.

I look forward to helping you setting up high ticket sales funnels in your business so you can start selling more of your most valuable products and services online.

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High Ticket Consulting – How to Sell with Online Sales Funnels

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