High Ticket SALES Process

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High Ticket Sales ProcessHow to Sell High Ticket Coaching, Consulting & Professional Services

If you are a high end coach, consultant, adviser or practitioner, you need to develop a strong sales process to attract and enrol more ideal clients.

As a digital marketing & sales funnel consultant I work with dozens of professional services firms, coaches and consultants who want to improve their marketing, but haven’t given any thought to their sales process.

Lack of an effective sales process is the biggest reason that well planned marketing fails to deliver results.

High Ticket Sales = High Value Sales

For many coaches and consultants, selling high ticket coaching and consulting programs can seem difficult or out of reach. High ticket sales seem like something that only “celebrity coaches” can acheive.

In reality though, it’s almost impossible to build a 7 figure professional services, coaching or consulting business without offering high value products and services. Unless you are selling at least some $10K+ products, building a 7 figure business will require you working with hundreds of clients – difficult to acheive even with a large team. That’s why most successful professional services firms, coaches and consultants offer 5 and 6 figure products and services.

However selling high ticket products and services online requires a totally different approach to selling low and mid ticket items.

High ticket products and services generally need to be sold via a 1:1 consultation or sales conversation. Generally you can sell products for a few hundred dollars from a website or sales page, but when you are asking buyers to invest thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, they want to speak with you. And in reality – you should want to speak with them. Selling high ticket products and services to clients without knowing they are a good match are one of the fastest ways to run a successful business into the ground.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a High Value Sales Process for selling high ticket professional services like coaching and consulting programs online.

SALES Process for High Ticket Sales

The High Value SALES Process is a 5 step framework for Selecting, Attracting, Leading, Evaluating and Selling to more high value clients in your business.

The process is designed to work for both offline sales and online sales. In fact, when I work with clients I generally start by looking at their existing successful offline sales process and use that as a basis for their online sales process.

Importantly, you need to understand, plan and document your sales process before you undertake any marketing activity. Otherwise your marketing isn’t going to deliver the right client

High Value SALES Process

High Value Sales Process

The five steps of the High Value SALES Process are:

  1. Selection
  2. Attraction
  3. Lead Generation
  4. Evaluation
  5. Solution


Let’s take a closer look at each step of the high value SALES process.


The first phase of high ticket selling is selection: identify and target high value clients to market and sell to.

Client selection


The second phase of high ticket selling is Attraction: get high value clients who need your help to come to you.

Client attraction


Lead Generation & Nurturing

The third phase of high ticket selling is Lead Generation & Nurturing, where we engage, educate and progress prospective buyers until they are requesting to work with us.

Lead Generation

Lead Nurturing


The fourth stage of a high ticket sales process is evaluation: where clients apply to work with you and you assess and qualify them before engaging in a sales conversation or discussing your solution.

Lead evaluation


The fifth stage of high ticket selling is Solution (aka Sales Conversation), where you work with clients 1:1 on a free or paid strategy call or discovery session to identify where they are now, where they want to go, and how they will get there. If there is a good fit for your services then you may offer them an opportunity to work with you to help them achieve the outcome they want.

High Ticket Solution selling

How is Your Sales Process?

If you are having problems getting ROI from your marketing efforts, take a long hard look at your sales process. The High Value SALES Process is a great benchmark for the milestones of any effective sales process. Of course this article only gives a high level overview of this approach to high ticket selling. If you’d like more detailed insight into your sales process so you can start selling more high ticket coaching and consulting programs then you can contact Influential to book a High Ticket Sales strategy session.

Apply for a Strategy Session


Get help with your sales process


High Ticket SALES Process Presentation

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