High Ticket Selling for Coaches & Consultants

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Why & How to Start with High Ticket Sales

For many coaches and consultants, High Ticket Sales are the fastest way to get traction and grow their business to achieve the income, impact and freedom that they want.

However, starting with High Ticket Sales can be daunting, especially if you are new to online sales and marketing. High Ticket Coaching & Consulting has an aura of unattainability, and many potential High Ticket Consultants & Coaches don’t realise that this is something they can realistically achieve in their business with the right approach.

That’s why many marketing, sales and lead generation trainers encourage the concept of an Ascending Transaction Model. As a Sales Funnel Consultant I recommend a mix of ascending transaction models and straight to high end offer funnels.

High Ticket Selling vs Ascending Transaction Models

With an Ascending Transaction Model, potential clients are exposed to a sequence of offers, starting with a content or a free gift, through an ascending series of investments toward a high ticket sale.

The problem with the ascending transaction model is that these free gifts and low ticket offers can bore, repel or alienate the most committed, enthusiastic and serious buyers.

Using High Ticket Offers at the start of your sales process prioritises the interests of your best buyers, at the expense of people who want free gifts and cheap products. These buyers tend to value their time more than money, and are more likely to invest in your most valuable products and services to reach their goals with great speed and certainty.

These videos on High Ticket Selling by Jennifer Diepstraten make the case for using High Ticket Sales early in your marketing to attract more high value clients.

High Ticket Sales with Jennifer Diepstraten

Skip the Free Session & Go Straight to High Ticket Sales

Learn more about implementing High Ticket Sales in your coaching or consulting business with our free guide: High Ticket Sales Funnels for Coaches & Consultants.

Download Your High Ticket Sales Guide

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