How to Attract ULTRA High Ticket Coaching Clients

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How to Enrol ULTRA High Ticket Clients – The Kind Who Pay $100,000-$340,000 for coaching!

Are you a coach who wants to enrol more clients in your high ticket coaching programs or courses, check out this interview between AJ Mihrzad and Oliver Talamayan.

According to CNN, Oliver is a leading expert in Advertising for Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Small businesses.    His accomplishments include him using webinars to get over 800+ clients, who signed up for a $997 group coaching program, in just 50 days without paying for advertising up front…    and he’s also known for getting as much as a 90% closing rate over the phone, without being ‘salesy’ or using ‘high pressure’ closing tactics… and he’s also a #1 internationally acclaimed, best selling author.

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