How to Get Coaching Clients

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Client Acquisition Strategy for Coaches

Attracting and enrolling coaching clients online is a powerful way to grow your business.

Many coaches want to learn the tools, tactics and techniques to get clients online, but fail to address the marketing fundamentals that are essential to a successful business.

When I work with coaches help them get them get more clients, we start by getting clear about the fundamentals of their sales process.

High Value Coaching Sales Fundamentals

To find and sell to high end coaching clients you need 3 essential elements.

  1. Clients with a problem you can solve and a desire to fix it
  2. An Offer to work with you to deliver a specific result for a specific price
  3. A Product which will reliably solve their problem that you can easily deliver

Getting coaching clients is easy when you can clearly define who you want to work with and how you can help them.

Most people struggling to get clients haven’t made the essential decision or commitment to look for a specific type of client, and are looking for an undefined entity that doesn’t exist.

High Value Clients

Who is your ideal client? Until you can confidently state who your ideal client is and how you help them, you’ll struggle to attract and enrol your ideal clients. Further talk about strategies, tactics and tools is pretty much a waste of time.

The specific customer will determine the best marketing channels and strategy.

High Value Offer

Once you’ve identified and found your ideal client, you need a compelling offer that turns these potential customers into clients. The offer needs to clearly state how you will move them from where they are now (problem) to where they want to be (problem solved.) The mechanism for moving them from problem to problem solved is your solution: the product.

The offer isn’t the product: the offer is the deal: What they will get, and what they will give you in exchange.

It’s important that your offer focuses on the solution, not the product.

Your offer should emphasise the benefits of what they are buying and of the desired future rather than the features of your product. For a coach this can mean focusing on desired results, (fitter, improved revenue, lost weight, successful mindset or whatever you are selling) not on the details of your program (5 1 on 1 sessions, weekly webinars etc).

Use the proportions 80:20 Solution:Product as a guide.

High Value Product

The final element is the Product: your solution to their problem.

Obviously this will vary according to your industry, but some general guidelines on product design to make your product attractive and appealing to buyers are:

  • Provides a complete solution to a clearly defined problem
  • Designed for a specific person in a specific situation.
  • Includes a clear, easy to understand path or method to reach the result.
  • Provides a fast, direct path to desired results without unwanted feature bloat
  • Is transformative in nature: lets them be, do or have something they didn’t have before they came to you.

A clearly defined program with a specific goal or outcome, timeframe

Once you’re clear on who your ideal client is, what your offer is and what your product will look like, you can implement a marketing and sales process.

Here’s the 5 step process I teach to coaches to find and enrol high value clients.

High Value Sales Process

  1. Selection – decide on which clients to target and how to reach them
  2. Attraction – attract prospective clients to you
  3. Lead Generation – generate appointments for sales conversations
  4. Enrolment – Sales conversation to see if they want & need help & if there is a fit
  5. Solution – Onboarding and deliver your product or service

The specifics of this process depend on the nature of the client, the offer and the product.

Currently, most of the coaches who are getting top results with online marketing are using a simple strategy which is easy to emulate.

This process general looks like:

High Ticket Coaching Enrolment Process

Paid ads -> Landing Page -> Live Event -> Application -> Enrolment Conversation

The live event can be a workshop, seminar, or larger event, or an online event such as a webinar, product launch or virtual summit. However it’s essential to be 100% clear about the client, the offer and the product before you try to plan out the marketing funnel and sales process.

Read more about the coaching enrolment conversation and watch the free video at High Ticket Enrolment Secrets

I hope that’s helpful! If you would like to learn more about my approach to getting coaching clients online just google High Ticket Coaching.

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