How to Host Secure Video for Your High Ticket Online Courses

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Protect your high ticket coaching program content using secure embedded video

If you are setting up a high ticket online course, then choosing the right hosting setup for your video is important or you risk people stealing course content from publicly listed video hosting sites like Youtube.

  1. You can use unlisted Youtube videos that people can only find if they know the URL or the video is embedded, but people can still share the link with people. (But bear in mind they could just share their course password too). Read More about Private vs Unlisted Youtube Videos here (Thanks Karl Bischoff).
  2. You could potentially share private Youtube videos with group members, via a Google Plus group, but this might be fiddly or difficult for some. Given the constant changes in Youtube and Google Plus this probably wouldn’t be the most reliable solution.
  3. Vimeo Pro gives you more privacy and security controls, including allowing you to restrict embedding by domain, so people can only view it on your website.
  4. Wistia allows similar features, and also advanced analytics.
  5. Vooplayer (and some similar services) is a “Wrapper” that lets you control access to videos hosted elsewhere. With Vooplayer you can use Youtube but then do fancy things with it including most things Wistia lets you do but also a lot of advanced marketing functions like adding popups at a certain point.

How I secure my videos for high ticket online coaching programs and online courses

I love using Youtube primarily because it does well on search. It’s convenient for me to have all my videos in one (free) location.

Therefore I use Youtube if I want SEO value and then use unlisted Youtube and Vooplayer if I want security.

Personally I find that Wistia is often Reeeeallly sloooow, and Vimeo is often slow as well – I never have to wait for youtube videos to buffer but often do with Wistia and sometimes with Vimeo – This is terrible as you’ll lose sales and clients if people have to wait.
I honestly think for most people that unlisted youtube videos are totally find for an online course. If your course sells for $5K or something it might be different, but even then if you know what you are doing you can still steal video content from Vimeo or Wistia. There is no such thing as truly secure content any more.

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