How to Sell High End Coaching Programs Online

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High Ticket Selling means Selling on Value, not on Price

How to make the shift to High value Sales

If you want to sell High Priced Coaching Programs Online, you need to make a shift from selling product features, benefits and pricing, to selling the value of the results that clients get from working with you.

I work as a marketing consultant specialising in selling high priced coaching and consulting programs (both through done-for-you marketing services and through the High Value Sales program).

Most of my clients are great at what they do, but they struggle to communicate the value to their clients. Because they are subject experts, and they love their work, they tend to get caught up in how they do what they do (which is absolutely essential to them getting amazing results) but they underemphasise why this is so essential for their clients to do, what results they’ll get from working with them, who will get the very best results (and they love working with), and when is the best time to get started with them.

The first thing I do when I work with a coach or consultant who wants to get more clients, raise their prices, or make the shift to high value sales, is to work on their High Value Selling Proposition. This is a process to help them identify where they can add the most value with their work, and it forms the perfect starting point when you are planning or selling high-ticket online programmes, products and services.

Where can you create the greatest value?

If you want to make the shift to High Value Sales you need to start working out your High Value Selling Proposition because when you’re selling high ticket, you need to be focussing all your sales and marketing efforts on the buyers, the messaging and the products that create the most value. This means deconstructing how you approach your market, your offer and your product and rebuilding them around your new value proposition.

If you’re used to selling lower ticket products and services in the past then a lot of your positioning and messaging are likely focused  on the product characteristics, benefits, features and price. These factors are still important, but they aren’t enough to sell to high end buyers at premium prices.

Instead, when selling at premium prices you need to be focused on the value you give the clients and the results they’re going to get from working with you. You need to be constantly creating and communicating value both in your service delivery but also in sales and marketing to build up value, something people want to buy and so they get results when they work with you.

So what’s the value that your product, programme or service provides?

Are you clearly and completely communicating this value to clients during your marketing, sales and service delivery?

Crafting Your Selling Proposition

The best way I’ve found to optimise and communicate the value that you offer your clients is by using an approach I call your High Value Selling Proposition.

This is a way to maximise the value you can communicate to your market (the people you want to sell to) through your message (how you communicate your offer in a way that they’re going to respond to), and your product (How you deliver them the results they want).

With each of the steps, we want to think “how can we can deliver the most value with the least effort and hassle on both our part and that of the client so that buying from us and working with us is easy and the results are clear and easy to access”.

Refining Your Selling Proposition

Let’s put these together in a way that maximises the value you can create for your clients.

  • Attract High Value Clients
  • Present High Value Offer
  • Deliver High Value Product

So we want to attract these high value buyers, the people who get the most value from working with us. We want to present a high value offer, we want to tell them that the very best part of what they’re going to get by working with us, and then we deliver a product with an emphasis on making sure they get results, not just on the components of the service but rather that they’re getting the results that they really want. And remember that buyers are only interested in buying because they’ve got a problem, some problem that they want solved. And when it’s solved, they’re wanting to see a better outcome. Life will be different. What do they want? What’s going to inspire them to take action? And what do they need? What are the steps they need to take to get them from where they are now to where they want to be?

How to find buyers that spend 16x more than average

You need to package all these elements into package up your value proposition. The client you work with, you offer a value and then the delivery of that value. And the reason to do this is that just 20% of your market, 20% of the clients in your market control 80% of the spend. That’s just the basic Pareto Principle (aka 80:20 Principle).

If we take that another step though you’ll see that just 4% of the market controls 64% of the spend. If you’re not targeting this 4%, then you’re losing a huge amount of revenue and profit. In fact targeting this top 4% is 16 times more profitable than targeting the whole market.

If you aren’t actively targeting this top 4% then you’re probably just getting the scraps that other, more focused people are leaving behind. You might even be mostly dealing with the bottom 10 or 20 or 30% because other people are more strategically targeting these top clients. So if you are wondering why you aren’t seeing the profits that you should that could be why!

You can take it even further and target the top .8% and which is 64 times more profitable. So if you’re struggling to really get the returns you thought you would in your business, this is why. This is why High Value Sales is so essential.

How to Implement High Value Sales

And I’ll show you how to implement this in your business in some training I’ve got out which I’d like to invite you to.

It’s the 5 Projects Training. I’ll tell you more about it soon. You can also download my practical guide to implementing High Ticket Sales Funnels for Coaches and Consultants, and my Guide to Lead Generation for Professionals.

With these three resources, you’ll have pretty much what you’ll need to start planning and building your own sales and marketing to start targeting these high ticket clients.

All these training resources are especially designed for coaches, consultants and service professionals who want to sell on value, not on price.

They include a free pdf book or workbook and either a webinar or video training series. I constantly get fantastic feedback from people who’ve gone through this training and have got awesome results in their business.

For example,iIn the 5 Projects training, I’ll give you a workbook which you can go through and plan out your marketing so you strategically work on the things that are going to make the biggest difference for your business. Just doing this one webinar could be the most important marketing decision you make this year.

Want to Work with Me?

And if you want help implementing this, if you’re ready to get started and you’re ready, willing, and able to invest in your business, you can also apply for a free strategy call with me. If you want help implementing this process in your business, visit and fill in the application form there. I’m really looking forward to speaking with you or seeing you on the webinar training.

Thanks, I’m Dallas McMillan from Influential, and I look forward to hearing about the high value sales that you’re getting in your business.

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