How to Sell High Priced Products Online

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Secrets to Selling Expensive Products with Online Marketing

Increase your sales by focussing on the value you provide, not pricing, features or benefits.

Over the last decade I’ve been fascinated with how to market and sell high priced products, programs and services online. While there is a ton of free and paid training on “online marketing” to sell low and mid priced products, if you want to avoid the “commodity trap” of most online business models, you need to put value front and centre in your sales and marketing.

At my digital marketing agency Influential, we specialise in selling high-ticket products, programmes and services with online marketing, lead generation and sales funnels. I do this through a process called high value sales, and it’s really geared toward coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and investors—the people with the products, programmes or services that are worth a lot of money (and create a lot of value) to the right people.

High-Ticket Items Require a Specialised Sales Approach

High-ticket items and complex products require a specializes sales approach. They must be sold the right way. It’s all about focusing on the value the item will bring to prospective buyers. All the marketing must consistently communicate the true value of the item to them in order to successfully close the deal.

This is in stark contrast to low- and mid-ticket items which are mostly sold as commodities. In this case, what’s most important is the price along with the basic product features. For example, if you want to buy a tonne of steel then it doesn’t matter how it’s sold, does it? All the really matters is the weight, grade, and market price.

High-ticket items are the opposite of that. It’s all about meeting the needs of the client by communicating the unique value of your product or service in a congruent way. In this space, great sales and marketing are the difference between success and failure. You need to be constantly creating and communicating value in the deal, in yourself, and in your marketing and sales process. We do this through a high-value selling proposition.

Effectively Communicate the Value to Gain Trust

You’ve probably heard of a unique value proposition or a selling proposition in terms of how your product or service fulfill the client’s needs. But there’s more to it than that. Another critical component is how we communicate to our client—the type of messaging we use to effectively reach them. We need to gain their trust in us first. Only then will they truly trust the item we’re selling them.

So, we’ve got a market that is potentially interested in our product or service. That’s our buyer. And they’ve got a need that our item will fulfill. Now we must make our message really clear in terms of how we’re going to fulfills that need. Our message needs to be something they’ll respond to, something that adds real value in their eyes, and our item needs to deliver on that value. We have to effectively show buyers how it can and will deliver on the promised value and meet their need.

Here’s another way to look at it. The product must give them what they need while the message effectively speaks to what they want.  You could almost break this down by saying that the client’s market has this specific problem, and our message is what they want, and our product is what they need. And then, with each of those, we must identify where we can add the most value to meet those wants and needs. It’s all about the delivery, the language, the congruent communication that fulfills the promise of the offer.

The Lean Start-Up Approach to Sales

If you’ve got a new product that you’re launching or developing then you really want to be validating the business model with the above mentioned factors in mind. You want to first find people who you think are going to be the high value clients or customers, test your offer on them, check that they want it, and then test that the product delivers the results you have promised. And you want to do this before you spend too much effort building out the refined version of the product or building out your marketing and sales funnels. I call this minimum viable product approach the “lean start-up strategy.”

Now let’s go into a bit more detail on finding high value clients. Most importantly, we want a group of clients with the same problem—the same type of people with the same type of problem that we can use to test out our sales and marketing strategy. Testing is so important in the beginning. If you can’t find a group then you end up having to rebuild the product for every different person, and that stops being a product and becomes a service. We don’t want that. We want to be as efficient, in the long run, as possible.

If you want more information on this lean start-up strategy and how you can radically grow your business with my company’s strategic marketing programme, then you should check out my 5 Projects training and some of my other training programmes online. For example:

  • High-Ticket Sales Funnel Guide for Coaches and Consultants will teach you how to build the sales funnels and technology you will need to market your product online.
  • Lead Generation for Professionals talks about how to find clients and how to actually get these buyers to the buying position. It’s about the psychology and strategy side of things.
  • 5 Projects training itself goes into the five big digital marketing projects that you will need in order to build a six or seven figure business. As one of them is the products, there’s a whole section here on how to design a product correctly. It also goes into how to build your website, how to set up your sales funnels and product launch funnel, how to market it all, and how to sell it using webinars and other live events. There’s even a workbook included in which you develop your own plan as you go. So, go and download that now.

If you’re at a stage in your online marketing business where you’re serious about this, this is all making sense to you, and you know you need some help to execute your plan, then don’t delay. Contact us today.

You can apply for a free strategy call with either me or one of my team members by visiting We’ll ask a bit about your business and where you’re at; and if you look like the sort of person we might be able to help, then we can book a phone call to learn more about you. We’ll want to know what you’re trying to get done and what’s challenging you at the moment so we can come up with a plan of attack together, to help you move ahead with selling your high-ticket item.

I’m Dallas McMillan from Influential Digital. I hope you’ve found this information valuable, and I hope to see you on the strategy call or on one of the webinars.

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