How to Sell High Ticket Consulting with Frank Kern

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Learn Consulting Client Attraction from one of the World’s top Marketing Consultants

Frank Kern is the world’s highest paid online marketing consultant. Frank is famous for his ability to sell High Ticket Products and Services Online, and for teaching thousands of others to do the same. Frank generates over $30 Million US Dollars as a high ticket consultant and through his other revenue streams. How does he achieve his 8 figure annual income? Through a mix of consulting, coaching, online masterminds, live events and product sales.

Frank loves consulting and considers it an ideal way to launch your online business because it has low barriers to entry, you can charge a premium while working with small numbers of clients, and because it helps you focus on what you do best and on solving your client’s problems – which helps you develop better programs and products for more leveraged income later on.

Frank Kern Consulting Class

How to get Consulting Clients

In this video Frank walks us through his process to attract, engage and enrol high value consulting clients.

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