How to Sell High Ticket Products & Services

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Perpetual Traffic Podcast from Digital Marketer

Episode 14: Frank Kern on Selling High-Dollar Products and Services with Paid Traffic Campaigns

As a marketing consulting and sales funnel coach I’m constantly learning from the most experienced marketers and professionals around me.

Do you sell high ticket products or services and want to attract a steady stream of qualified buyers using online marketing?

Do you want this source of buyers to be available on demand – so you can turn it on and off when you need?

Better yet, do you want this stream of buyers to be scalable, so you can increase it as simply as turning up a dial?

If so, you should be looking at using paid traffic for high ticket sales and lead generation campaigns.

In this interview, the Digital Marketer crew talk to Frank Kern, one of the top high ticket sales and marketing consultants in the world, about how to use paid ads to sell high dollar products and services with paid traffic campaigns.

There are powerful insights for High Ticket Coaches & Consultants who want the scalability and certainty that paid traffic can provide.

In the call, Frank reveals his 3-tiered system for creating paid traffic campaigns that sell high priced products and services.

Preston also shares how to get clients into your sales process and how to pre-qualify them so that you are only talking to people who are hungry to work with you.

  • The 3 types of Facebook ad campaigns you need to generate sales calls and how to use them to deploy Frank Kern’s “Value in Advance” strategy.
  • How to use “Extreme Risk Reversal” to close sales (Frank shares the exact guarantee he makes to his prospects.)
  • How to find and close leaks in a conversion funnel using reverse engineering and systematic follow-up.
  • How to pre-qualify prospects so you don’t waste time selling to people that aren’t a good fit (Look out for “Irresistible Intrigue Offer” and “The Confession” in this section.)

If you enjoyed this interview, be sure to check out Frank Kern’s Videos on How to Sell High Ticket Consulting.

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