How to use Facebook Ads to get Coaching & Consulting Clients

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Facebook Advertising Strategies for Coaches & Consultants

Facebook advertising is currently the most effective and affordable paid traffic channels for coaches and consultants who want to attract high paying clients to enrol in their premium products, programs or services.

Faceboook Ads are the #1 Channel for High End Coaching Leads

Have you ever wondered how celebrity coaches attract clients who happily pay $5K, $10K $30K or more for coaching programs, when most coaches struggle to get people to pay them $100 per hour?

How do they do it? Well they have a clearly defined process, and one of the essential steps is highly targeted traffic. Right now, Facebook is their #1 choice for finding new leads because of the amazing ability to target your ideal client on Facebook. For more details on how top coaches enrol clients in their high priced coaching programs watch this interview with Preston Rahn, the High End Enrolment Specialist.

There is a lot more to it than just running the ads, but without an affordable source of targeted leads you can’t get a good ROI on the process.

Learn how to get coaching and consulting clients with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are Highly Scalable

What’s better than spending $1 and getting $2 Back?
Spending $100,000 and getting $200,000 back.

That’s the power of scalability, and it’s one of the reasons that Facebook ads are so popular.

One of the greatest benefits of Facebook advertising is that if you can get a good ROI on your Facebook ad campaign, you can scale it to grow your business into the high 6 figures or 7 figures.

Facebook Ads are Easy to Get Started With

Even if you are new to Facebook Ads, it’s easy to get started spending just $10 a day to start attracting clients into your business. Facebook ads are great because they are visual, easy to use, and most people use Facebook regularly. Even boosting a post for $5 to $20 can produce a noticeable increase in engagement and enquiries

Getting Solid ROI for on Facebook is Hard

However while it’s one thing to run some simple Facebook ads and possibly get some initial results, producing solid ROI (Return on investment).

In fact, top Facebook advertisers don’t start out trying to make thousands of dollars – they start out trying to turn $1 into $1.01. If you can’t do that, there is no point trying to spend thousands of dollars – you’re just throwing money away.

Learn Facebook Advertising from an Expert, Free

Do you want to learn how to attract high end coaching or consulting clients with Facebook Ads?

If so, listen to my interview with Sam Bell, founder of the Pay Per Click Boutique and creator of Ad Agency Secrets on How to get Coaching & Consulting Clients with Facebook Ads.

How to get clients with Facebook Ads


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