How to Write a Book to Boost Your Business

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Natasa Denman The Ultimate 48 Hour Author shares her book writing secrets

Today I interviewed the remarkable Natasa Denman, author and founder of the The Ultimate 48 Hour Author

Natasa shares her own journey of writing a book and the impact it had on her coaching business, and how she went on to help hundreds of other coaches, business owners and entrepreneurs to write their own books.

Natasa shares some real gold about the power of writing a book, including

  • How writing a book can boost your business
  • How becoming an author can help overcome the tall poppy and the imposter syndrome
  • Why her weekend author workshops are able to help people write their books so quickly and get published within 3 months
  • How to create a high performance environment in your live events
  • What it’s like to run a live event business
  • Her work hard, play hard approach and how she maintains her focus
  • Her next steps to grow her business in the offline and online world

Check out Natasa’s website here:

Including her free book – The Ultimate 48 Hour Author

and her webinar on the 5 shifts to becoming an author

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