How to Write a Design Brief

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How to Write a Design Brief Guide

How to Write a Design Brief

An executive guide to writing a design brief for your new logo or other graphic or branding work.

Your logo and design are powerful ways to build your practice brand. An attractive and memorable brand helps your firm stand out online and in print.

Recommended for professional firms considering rebranding or commissioning new graphic design or marketing material.

How to Write a Design Brief Guide

In this guide for busy professionals, we outline how to write a design brief for a creative designer.

A great brief is the difference between a great logo or brochure design, and one that you’ll never really be happy with.

Alternatively, contact Influential – with us you work directly with a brand strategist who understands your business. They’ll work with you to create a great brief that’s in line with your brand and business goals, leaving you to focus on what you do best: Delivering awesome professional services to your clients.

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