Jeffrey Slayter: Making a difference doing what you love

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Jeffrey Slayter is a speaker, coach and mentor specialising in creating transformational leaders. He’s known for his unique blend of business and spirituality.

I first came across Jeff when he was a guest on James McCracken’s podcast The Successful Adviser.

Jeffrey did a series of three podcasts with James, the first of which I refer to in this interview which is a particularly useful resources for people wanting to do paid speaking or selling from the stage.

I was really inspired by Jeff’s powerful message and practical, actionable tips, so I couldn’t wait to have him on the show. People often come to me asking about how to monetise their expertise through speaking, webinars, and information products, and I regularly refer them to Jeff’s interview as a “must listen”.

So in this podcast, I didn’t want to cover the same ground because James had done such a great job already – instead I thought I’d build on the foundation with Jeff and talk about what you do once you have the speaking opportunities?

  • How do you deal with nervousness so you can be your best on stage?
  • How do you connect with the audience?
  • How do you create a space for transformation?
  • How do you approach selling from the stage?

I also talked to Jeff about the value of mentoring and coaching, and particularly how Jeff goes about personally choosing mentors – how do you choose the right one, what if they “hard sell” you, and more.

You can learn more about Jeff at his beautiful website Make sure you check out his wonderful live events and free online course so you can learn more about what he does.

Also check out James McCracken’s interviews with Jeffrey:

Digital Influence Jeffrey Slayter

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