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Are you working on building a new or existing brand and are ready to take it to the new level?
In 2013 I attended a Brand Accelerator day put on by Entrevo/Key Person of Influence. These guys run the world’s most successful startup accelerator program so they’ve worked with hundreds of business owners like you to get clear on their purpose, build their brand and create a world class business.

Check out the event here:

I’d been obsessed with learning more about branding and influence, and had already done a lot of ongoing education and business development. I ended up participating in their 40 week program which has been incredible. Not only do they help you understand your market, the right ways to brand and connect and build a business, but also you meet dozens of passionate entrepreneurs who really “get you” – this alone has been invaluable in thinking and acting like a game-changer.

If you’d like to get a taste of what they do, they run an entertaining and inspiring one day accelerator program.

Check out the tickets here – you’ll save money on the bronze ticket, and for the next week you can get upgraded to the silver ticket. But hurry if you want the silver upgrade as this will be for a limited time only.

This is an Australian Event only. Look out for events in the UK, USA and Singapore

To claim this discount visit www.keypersonofinfluence.com.au

Select your city: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth.

Save up to $90 dollars on the gold tickets. Admission starts from only $37.

Use This Link to book your ticket now.

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