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Lead Generating Website for Coaches, Consultants & Professionals

Hi, it’s Dallas here. Welcome to the High Ticket Sales Funnel Coaching Program. In this program, we build a website with three lead generation funnels based on my book High Ticket Sales Funnels for Coaches and Consultants. I’d walk you through the type of website we build, show you the funnels and just give you some idea of what we do, what you do and what you’ll have at the end of the program. Unlike most online training programs that teach you how to build a funnel and get clients online, we actually do a huge amount of the tech work for you.

What I found is that when people go through those programs, most people get stuck and bogged down in the tech stuff, and they don’t put enough attention on their strategy, on their messaging, on making sales calls and getting clients. We’re handling a huge part of that. That means within a relatively short period, within three months, we can build all three sales funnels and a lead generating website with a blog and other authority content on there to position you as a leader in your industry. It’s a totally different offering to anything else you’ll see out there.

High Ticket Coaching Website

This is the website or your version thereof that you’ll end up with at the end of the program. I’ll just run you through the homepage, and then take you through the whole website so you can see what’s involved. On the homepage, we’ve got a hero image, which will be you, or your brand, or customers, or the results you provide at the top. There’s a couple of calls to action straight off the bat. First, a registration for a webinar, which is obviously one of the funnels, and a download the blueprint or report button, which is another funnel. That one goes into the client funnel, and this goes into the webinar funnel.
Scrolling down a bit, a bit of a manifesto or value proposition here. Learn more about High Ticket Coaching.

Lead Generation Funnels

Then we’ve got, on the homepage, we’ve got each of the funnel offers there.

Webinar Funnel

We’ve got the Webinar Funnel again so a separate opt-in there. I’ve also got a book funnel. This works the same way as the report funnel but some of you might already have a book. The way we set this up, it’s very easy for you to duplicate the funnel, so I’ll get you to build the report or the book one. Then if you want to make a second one, you can just clone those pages and clone the sequences in the autoresponder and have an extra funnel if you need it. We’re going to focus on getting three done. That’s the goal for the workshop. It’s very easy to add more later. Once you learn this stuff, you’ll be away. I’ll show you how each of these funnels works.

Product Launch Funnel

aka Workshop or Video Course Funnel

The next funnel we’ve got on the site is the Product Launch Funnel.  I mostly use this as a lead nurturing funnel rather than as a true launch funnel, but it works well for either.

On this site I’ve called it a “workshop”, which is also a good way to describe your webinars, especially if they are interactive like mine are. This is the launch funnel of the video training series funnel. If they click on that, they’d go into an opt-in for that. Just because I’ve got a lot of books, I’ve got a second book funnel there as well. This is how it could work for you as well. As an example, I’ve also got a case study funnel. Your simple funnel can often be built with a case study or a report. Then some testimonials and another report here. Really, there’s probably five separate funnels on this page. We’ll just build three. If you’ve got a couple of extra lead magnets already made, then it’s very easy for you to build those out.


Other Pages on Your Website

About Page

Let’s have a look at the individual pages here. We’ve also got an about page. A lot of things are really missing from the current way people are teaching client attraction or lead generation. Most people are saying, “You don’t a website anymore.” That’s pretty much bullshit. If you’re doing a churn and burn Facebook lead gen strategy only, that might be true. A lot of industries won’t support that business model. In most industries, people are going to Google you. If they can’t find a website or other authority content to verify who you say you are, highly qualified and successful coach or consultant, they’re not going to buy. A lot of people teaching the approach of “you just need a funnel,” they don’t have extra stuff because they’re really just trying to get new clients all the time. It’s not a sustainable model necessarily. I think you need that so we’re including that.

Contact Page

Another standard page on a website is your contact page. In my experience, contact pages tend to result in more spam than actually customer enquiries, but as some clients want to get our phone number or email address, it’s worth including. I also consider it to be an important trust factor. Many people will view a lack of a contact page as being suggestive of a “fly by night” company or scam, so it’s worth including, with genuine working contact details, for this reason alone unless you really don’t want people contacting you.

Blog Page

Also, you need a blog in my opinion. You should be blogging. To discover your voice and your expertise, blogging, and then writing, and creating other content is really significant. If you’ve never tried to document your expertise and then suddenly try and do a webinar, it’s probably going to be pretty crap. Whereas if you get into the habit of blogging and you do a few webinars, you create some other content. Over time, your content is going to be amazing. That discipline of writing and producing content is really important so that’s something else I support you with.

Each of these blog posts naturally leads into one of the funnels, too, so we can then have a call to action on the individual blog posts. Look, if you like that, if you want to know more at High Ticket Coaching Mindset, you should sign up for the High Ticket Coaching webinar. Each of these blog posts can naturally lead into the funnel. Then we can share these blog posts to Facebook and other social media or send them out by email as part of our longer funnel. A blog is really critical. That’s what you get. Also in the sidebar we repeat our offers and calls to action.

Lead Generation Funnel Pages

Landing Pages for Lead Magnets

All right. There’s an individual page for each of the lead magnets. Here we’ve got the book page. If people opt in here, they would receive the book. On the report funnel, if people opt in here … Actually I’ll show you the book download page. After they’ve opted in, they go to this page and then they can click to download the book. On the report page, likewise if they opt in, then they all go to the thank you page.

Simple Report Lead Magnet to Thankyou and Download Page

Lead Generation Funnel (Client Funnel)

By attaching a thankyou page with a strong call to action we can turn the simple lead magnet funnel into a Lead Generation Funnel. Generally what I do is set it up so that, first, they can just download the report, and then we start working on a thank you video. You can start getting leads, you can start getting people opting in with the funnel before you’ve done the thank you video with this download page. Once we’ve got that working, then we would set up the strategy session page.

Thankyou Pages

After they download, they’re redirected to this page instead which has a call to action for strategy session. Then we’ve got the … Then we take them to the … If they click that button, they go to the application page. After they apply, then they go to the schedule their call page. After they’ve submit that, then they go to the schedule confirmation page.

Lead Generation Funnel aka Client Funnel

Product Launch Funnel

aka Workshop Funnel or Video Course Funnel

The Product Launch Funnel (so name after Jeff Walker’s course Product Launch Formula and book Launch) is one of the most popular funnels for launching new products, brands or programs. It also works well as a lead nurturing funnel. Typically it consists of a series of 3-5 videos which are drip-fed out over a week, building desire and anticipation for the launch.

This is video one. Then they can either … We include comments here. It’s not set up in this example. They can then click through watch video two or they can use these menu items here as well. You can also set this up so they can’t access it until you set it out a few days later via email. That is the workshop or the launch funnel, product launch formula funnel or video training series. Then, finally, we’ve got a contact page. Really, this website is the same sort of layout that you’ll have in your business. Obviously, it will be your content. I’ve included titles that are relevant to my business so you can see what they should say, but mostly I’ve just got sample content in here so that doesn’t distract you too much. Whatever industry you’re in, if you’re teaching accountants how to sell their business, then learn how to sell your business without stress, whatever the relevant call to action is going to be for your business.

Book Funnel

On this site I’ve also got a couple of Book Funnels. In this case, one leads to a simple download page (ie: no lead generation), and the other leads into a launch funnel (or video series funnel).

Books aren’t the perfect lead magnet, because they don’t have the “instant gratification” factor that a report or cheat sheet does, but they do have high perceived value, high actual value and are great for educating and qualifying clients. This means that people who read your book and get back to you tend to be serious, and know what you have to offer. It’s less of an impulse buy and a more considered decision.

I’ve written a number of Ebooks and they form the bulk of my content marketing driven lead generation. If you’ve got a kindle book or printed book, even better. With a printed book a common strategy is to use a “Free plus shipping” funnel where you offer a “Free” book and only charge them for postage and handling. Generally this is followed with an upsell to a low priced offer such as a $37 or $97 product or a monthly subscription product (often with a free or cheap first month).



How to Build Your Funnels

What we’re going to do is focus on getting one running really well, and learn how to optimise it, and run Facebook ads to it, and then build out the webinar and then the launch funnel. We’re going to concentrate on getting one funnel that we’re really getting great numbers and things on. That will be our workhorse of lead generation.

It’s good having the extra funnels because that way people have multiple ways to opt in. You can see those offers are all quite different. I’ve got something about how to get clients, something about how to build sales funnels, about coaching generally and a workshop. What I would normally do is have the book lead into the webinar funnel so you can actually have two front doors for the webinar funnel.

That’s the funnel. The way this will come to you is we actually give you this whole thing ready and running, so you’re not having to set up web pages. You’re basically editing content here. Then we teach you how to edit the email sequences that work behind the scenes to automate everything and then connect it all together. It’s connected to start with. As you customise it, you’ll need to tweak it from there. You’ll be up and running really quickly. You’ll also learn the tools, how to actually do this and you will … In the three month program, you will be generating leads and having all those three funnels up and running.

Why High Ticket Sales is Different from most programs

Really different to what you’ll see out there with most get clients online where basically they send you off to lead pages or click funnels and saying, “Hey, you can do this.” Firstly, there’s a lot more done for you in this format. Secondly, you run a website, not a click funnel subscription. Thirdly, our website does all the things that you just can’t do with a landing page creator. Fourthly, there’s a lot more credibility comes with having a website. If you’re a serious business, you have a website. If you’re someone trying to sell supplements online, you have a sales funnel only.

Apply for a Strategy Session

Look, I really hope that gives you some insight into what’s involved. If you’d like to know more about how to get involved in the High Ticket Sales Funnel Coaching program, then you can just click that link below or the button below here, and sign up for a strategy call. We’ll go through where you are now in your business, where you want to get to, what’s stopping you getting there currently and whether this program could be a way for you to get the results you want. If it is, we can talk about how that might work for you or perhaps there’s something else I do that is useful. If not, I can point you in the right direction and give you some other advice. Thanks for listening. Great talking to you. I look forward to seeing you on a strategy call or in future videos. Thanks.

Apply for a High Ticket Sales Strategy Call

Learn how to build your own High Ticket Sales Funnels

Want to learn how to build each of these funnels? I teach how to build the Lead Generation Funnel (Client Funnel), Webinar Funnel and Launch Funnel in my High Ticket Sales Funnel for Coaches and Consultants video training series (which is a launch style funnel used for lead nurture and conversion).

Download the High Ticket Sales Funnels Book and get bonus video training.

High Ticket Sales funnels

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 Download the Lead Generating Website Blueprint

Want a full blueprint of all the funnels above on the High Ticket Coaching website?

Click the image below to download an overview of the High Ticket Coaching Lead Generating Website.

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