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How to get Clients with Online Lead Generation

If you are a coach or consultant and want to grow your business, having a steady stream of high quality leads is essential. Developing a reliable system for generating qualified leads means that you won’t have to face the stress of wondering where your next client is coming from or dealing with tyre kickers or poor quality clients.

The Old Way to Get Coaching & Consulting Clients

Most coaches and consultants have built their business on referrals, word of mouth and networking. These used to be reliable ways to get clients, but as buyers increasingly search for, choose and buy things online their effectiveness has fallen.

Networking and word of mouth can still be effective, these approaches to marketing and lead generation suffer from being labor intensive, inconsistent, and difficult to scale. This often results in a feast/famine cycle of new business, uncertainty about future revenue, and the constant stress of wondering where the next client is coming from.

How to get Qualified Leads on Autopilot that Grow with Your Business

If you want to reliable income then you need a reliable and predictable source of leads that can grow with your business. You also want them to come in with minimal labor and effort.

Successful coaches and consultants realise this and implement a scalable lead generation system that can provide a steady supply of new, qualified prospective clients on demand.

As a marketing consultant for coaches and consultants I’ve found the best way to generate a steady supply of leads on autopilot is using sales funnels with paid advertising such as Facebook Ads.

lead-generation-for-coaches-consultantsLead Generation for Professionals

Lead Generation Strategy & Psychology

Many people who know they need a lead generation solution in their business start their search with Lead Generation software and systems. This is often a mistake, because it’s vital that you get clear about the your lead generation strategy, your sales process, and the psychology behind lead generation before you start trying to build funnels.

I’ve written about this in detail in my guide to Lead Generation for Professionals.

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lead-generation-funnelLead Generation Funnels

In my book High Ticket Sales Funnels for Coaches & Consultants, I talk about the three top performing high ticket sales funnels that you can use in your business to bring in leads for your highest value products and services.

High Ticket Sales funnels Book mockup_with Dallas 3Top 3 Lead Generation Funnels for Coaches & Consultants

The three funnels are the Client Funnel, the Webinar Funnel and the Launch Funnel. Each of these funnels can dramatically grow your business, but the key is choosing the right funnel to use, the one to get started with and for most businesses, especially those offering high ticket, one-on-one, or done for you services, I recommend you start with the Client Funnel and I’ll tell you why.
Any of these funnels help you both to filter, qualify and automate the process of bringing in new prospective clients to talk to about buying your products and services. So, it basically turns strangers into buyers – people who are ready to buy. From the client’s perspective, it helps them get to know, like, and trust you so that they’re then ready to try and buy your products, programs and services.

For you as a business owner, the lead generating process is bringing in large numbers of prospective clients, filtering them according to where they are in the buying process and qualifying people before you even talk to them so you’re only talking to people who are ready, willing, and able to invest in you.
From the client’s perspective, it helps them to feel confident that you’re right for them before they apply to work with you and positions you as an expert so therefore confident moving forward with you.

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Lead Generation Funnel #1 Client FunnelLead Generation Funnel 1: The Client Funnel

In the Client Sales Funnel, we achieve this with a series of webpages, which invites people to a conversation about working with us to solve their problem. Typically, we would start with something like a Facebook ad where we can advertise to strangers with a free offer to download an eBook or some other online gift. Typically, a PDF report, cheat sheet or blueprint.

They give us their name and email address and then they go to a thank you page with a video where we say:

“Thank you for downloading that free gift! Because you’re interested in this topic, I’ve got some extra video training for you about this topic and then at the end if you still need help I’d like to invite you to apply to speak with us if you meet this criteria.”
In the video training you can say what you do, who you help, who you’d like to apply and then you get them to fill out an application form so you’re only talking to people who you know met your criteria and then on the call you can help identify where they are, what they’re trying to get done, what their problems are, and what they need to do to get the result they want. Then you can talk about how you can help them or if it’s not a good match you can point them in another direction.
If it is a good match you can sign them up on the phone or sell them your product or service. This can dramatically shorten your sell cycle. It reduces the number of unqualified prospects that you talk to, such as people you can’t help or who aren’t ready to buy.

It also helps you increase the number of leads that are coming in, so it can really supercharge your sales process.
In the videos that you get with a high ticket sells funnel guide, I walk you through every page, what its function is, what we need to do there, and how to build it for all three funnels, so make sure you download a copy of the guide.

Benefits of the Client Funnel

The Benefits of the Client Funnel, this first one I’m showing you is that it’s the simplest to design and build. It’s the pure Lead Generation Funnel. It’s perfect for selling high ticket one-to-one services such as coaching or consulting, or done-for-you services such as marketing or accounting.

The other thing I love about the Client funnel is that it helps you get inside the brain of your buyer. It helps you understand your buyer and the sales process, and that’s one of the most important things that you need to do as the business owner and sales person in order to market and sell your services and serve your clients.

By truly understanding the buyer’s wants and needs you can develop better products and services and market and sell them better. If you do this well enough, your programs will practically sell themselves because they are so close to what buyers are looking for. This is very hard to achieve without speaking directly to clients, so I consider your sales conversations one of the most important things that you can be doing in your business. In particular, it’s important to get 100% clear about what your clients want to buy before you try to build a more automated sales funnel such as a webinar or a launch funnel.

Downsides of the Client Funnel

The downside of this funnel is that you’re only selling one to one. It can be labour intensive to scale and the short sales cycle can limit the ticket price because people go quite quickly from seeing your ad to filling out the form and the strategy call. You don’t have as much time to build up the relationship. Whereas with the webinar and the launch funnel, that’s extended over more hours and days, which builds more rapport.

Lead Generation for Coaches & Consultants (Slides)

Download the Transcript: The Lead Generation Funnel

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sales-funnel-bookAll this is covered in High Ticket Sales Funnels for Coaches and Consultants. Make sure you download your copy now. If you want to improve your lead generation or you have an existing lead generation process that you want reviewed, or you just want to get started with high ticket sales in your business, then you can book a strategy call with me. I strongly suggest that you read the book and go through the video training first, but if you’re ready to start investing in your business and your sales, and marketing and lead generation to get more high ticket sales then jump on a call with me, click the button below and I’d love to talk to you about your business and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Ready to Grow and Want Help with Lead Generation?

If you’d like grow your business and are ready to invest in your lead generation process, you can apply to speak to me about our Lead Generation Consulting Services or Done for You Lead Generation Funnels.

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