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Online Lead Generation for Consultants

Online Lead Generation has become one of the most effective and affordable ways to acquire consulting clients.

A strong Lead Generation process is probably the most important factor determining the financial viability of your consulting practice. Unfortunately most consultants fail to give their client attraction and acquisition the attention it deserves, resulting in the common problems of:

  • Not enough clients
  • The wrong sort of clients
  • Unqualified leads that are expensive or time consuming to close or never buy

In this video, I share how consultants can use simple online Lead Generation Funnels including:

These client attraction funnels help you attract a steady stream of high value, qualified clients who are ready to sell your consulting services at premium prices.

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How to Get Consulting Clients with Online Lead Generation

Hello. Welcome to lead generation for coaches and consultants. I’m Dallas McMillan. I’m a Marketing Consultant. I specialise in working with coaches, consultants, and professional firms, and I’m the Author of the book, High Ticket Sales Funnels for Coaches & Consultants. Now in that book, I describe the three top performing funnels we use to sell high end coaching services, consulting services, and online programmes, and really, what we’re doing there is a lead generation funnel. When we’re selling high ticket, you generally can’t close our sales on line, you need to close them on the phone, so what we want is a lead, a sales lead who we can talk to on the phone and then enrol in our programme, and we want them to be coming in pre-educated, pre-sold, and qualified to make sure that they’re ready to buy. We don’t want to waste time talking to people who we can’t help, who don’t want to work with us, or who aren’t ready to buy.

Lead Generation Funnel for Consultants

The three funnels I cover, as I said. The first one is the client funnel, which is the simplest funnel. I’ll give you more detail on this today. The second one is the webinar funnel and the third one is the launch funnel. Now with each funnel, you’re taking people through this process of increasing investment, so that you can sell at high price points, you can increase your close rate, and you can sell more quickly by automating the front end of the sales process.

Let’s take a closer look at the client funnel, so with any sales funnel, we’re taking people who are strangers initially, they’re suspected good clients, and we’re taking them through a process to confirm that they’re interested in what we’ve got and that they’re the right kind of client to work with, so at first, they express interest in an offer, become a prospect, they engage with our content further, and show that they’ve started getting close to being ready to sell to.

Offer a Lead Magnet such as a free report or book

The lead magnet helps attract and qualify the potential buyers and gives them something of value to begin the relationship. When they express interest in the lead magnet, we know they are interested in this topic, and can make additional related offers knowing that they are likely to be of interest. By using “microcommitments” we are able to start with a small offer (free ebook) and move up to bigger offers (a webinar or a free consultation) with less resistance.

After clients express interest in our services (such as accepting an offer of a free book) they become a lead. At the point they apply for a sales conversation, we call them a sales opportunity, and then finally, if they buy on the call, they become a customer or a client. Of course, our clients are going through their own process of getting to know, like, and trust us before they’re willing to try and buy what we’ve got for sale. If they don’t know us, our product, or if they’ve ever got a problem, they’re obviously not going to buy, and they need to like what we’ve got. They need to like us and how we do things. They need to trust that our product can solve their problem and we’re someone who can help them, and they need some way to test out our solution, and that can be with a free trial or maybe an intro period, introductory consult, a strategy session, or a case study.

Something that shows how it could work for them, and at that point, people will be ready to buy. Now in the client sales funnel, we do this through a series of web pages. We generally start with some sort of a line ad, like a Facebook ad. Then take them to a … If they click on the ad, they go to a landing page, where they have to enter their name and email address to get the thing that we’ve offered in the ad. That will generally be some sort of free PDF, so it’s a gift that helps them solve a problem related to our ultimate offer. On the next page we say, “Hey, thank you for downloading the gift. I’ve emailed it to you. Here’s some extra information about how it could work for you. If you’d like to take this further, I’d like to invite you to a conversation to see how we can help you,” and then on, if someone’s interested in working with us and having that conversation, they need to apply and fill out an application form.

If they’re a good match for what we do, then we’ll get on the phone to them, and go through where they are now, where they want to get to, what’s getting in their way, and how we can help them solve that problem. If there’s a good match, then we can offer to enrol in our programme or sell them our product or service, so with a high ticket sales funnel, generally we’ll be enrolling them on the call, rather than try to sell a product online. That’s what makes it a lead generation funnel versus a sales funnel, so client funnels are great because they’re easy to design and build, and they’re perfect for selling high ticket one to one services, and they let you get to understand your customer better, which is great. The downsides are because it’s just one to one, it’s hard to scale. It’s quite labor-intensive and the short sales cycle means you can only sell at a certain price point.

If you’d like to know more about how you can generate leads with high ticket sales funnels to sell your high end coaching and consulting programmes, then visit one of my websites, such as influential.com.au/high-ticket-sales and book a strategy call with me. We can look at how high ticket sales can work in your business. If it’s a good match, we can talk about how I can help you. Thanks. I’m Dallas from Influential. I look forward to seeing you on a strategy call or in my next training.

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