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Oren Klaff, deal-maker and best-selling author of Pitch Anything talks to Scott Mitchell about advances in neuroeconomics and what this means when pitching the executive suite.

When pitching a customer, a stakeholder, a colleague or other person you need to influence, our social approach determines our potential for success. Oren Klaff dives into the social dynamics of a business deal.

As experts at what we do, we think that buyers weigh up our deal, our product, our idea or our brand on it’s merits – on objective facts.

In fact, a major component of your ability to pitch successfully is the social dynamics of the meeting, presentation or pitch.

Oren talks about status traps which can kill your pitch or deal before you start. He goes on to explain how to position yourself for pitching success using a method called prizing.

In this video you’ll learn

  • How to get a clear summary of the deal that creates intrigue in the person you are pitching.
  • Techniques to structure information to control the social frame
  • Transcending fact based presentations to create a compelling and meaningful business narrative
  • Understand the steps of the business sales process

Learn more about Oren’s pitching methodology at pitchanything.com.

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