Post Digital Marketing Strategy for Professionals

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Professional Services Digital Disruption – How Should You Respond?

Professional Services Digital Disruption

Professional Services Digital Disruption -  Marketing Strategy for Professionals

Professional Services Digital Disruption is already here, the question is, how will you respond?

Most professionals first reaction seems to be to desperately clinging on to the past for grim life – hoping that the modern world goes away and leaves them alone.

“Facebook is a fad, my clients will never use it!”

“Social Media won’t impact my business”

“We don’t need to be online, our clients prefer to see us in person”

“A computer/mobile app can never replace our services”

These are common responses from senior professional services firm advisors and executives, and they are easy to relate to, but are terribly misguided.

Even if digital disruption hasn’t already significantly impacted your business (that would put you in the minority), it isn’t any protection. In fact, the longer it takes, the bigger the impact and the harder it will be for you to respond and recover.
Those in the highest ivory towers will shield themselves for longer, but the shock will be even more painful, dangerous and expensive when it hits them.

How to Adapt to a Post Digital World

Better to start adapting now and start building a High Value, Scalable Business that embraces digital media, a greater sense of connection with clients and the world, and looks for growth rather than protecting against the inevitable.

Digital Marketing Strategy for ProfessionalsThe Challenge for Small Professional Practices

The challenge for most smaller professional firms, especially those with fewer than 20 staff, is that they are unlikely to have in house digital marketing expertise.

Even in large firms, partners and executives often mistake digital disruption as an “IT issue”, and assume their technical team can save them from it.

In fact, Digital Disruption is likely to have the greatest impact in the least technical areas of the business – client services, marketing, sales, support, relationship development.

Sadly, most professional services management software has been very slow to address the rising expectations of consumers for online access and improved communication. This is understandable given then rapid rate of change and high costs of updating older software.

Most Professional Firm Partners and Executives are in Denial

The result is that most professional services practice owners and executives remain in denial, even as a few “early adopters” get excited about the potential for improved customer relationship development, marketing and client education.

Digital Disruption Professional Services

The Opportunity for Early Adopters

The result is that most professional firms are missing out on massive opportunities to innovate, differentiate and develop more valuable relationships with their clients.

Build a High Value, Scalable Business

This creates even more upside for smart professional service firm owners, partners and executives who embrace the potential of the connected future, and learn to build a high value, scalable business focussing on delivering great value to their best clients.



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