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Laptop Lifestyle for the Professional Services?

Jeremy Britton, the 24 Hour Wealth Coach talks about how he sold his successful financial planning firm, packed up his home, and headed to Bali for a total lifestyle change.
He reveals how he read “The 4 Hour work week” several before he really “got” it (he’s now read it 15 times), and why it’s so important to do what you love and be happy.

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How Jeremy went from rich but stressed out to running his dream business in Bali

In my work with professionals like financial advisors, business coaches and consultants I often encounter the attitude that “Work is a means to an end” – that is, people are doing what needs to be done today to pay the mortgage, keep the kids in private school, and afford the occasional holiday away as a way to cope with a less than ideal career or work life.Imagine Running Your Dream Business in Bali

I’ve blogged before about how (and why) I took 13 weeks holiday a year in my business, and how it took a dramatic health event to trigger a decision by my practice partners to redesign their work lives to put their families and lifestyle first.Imagine Running Your Dream Business in Bali

Recently I was fortunate to interview Jeremy Britton – AKA the “24 Hour Wealth Coach”, and talk to him about his own journey from wealth, successful but stressed-out toward a life he really loved.Imagine Running Your Dream Business in Bali

Imagine Running Your Dream Business in Bali
Jeremy shared his own health challenges and how he was forced to radically re-think his approach to work.

Perhaps most interesting, was that when Jeremy halved his work hours, his income didn’t drop – he shares how this change in his routine actually brought him into contact with more high end clients than ever before.

Not content to stop there though, Jeremy started noticing that he was seeing some people walking past his beachside office every day who seemed a lot happier than him, and resolved to work out why. This triggered a life-changing journey that eventually saw Jeremy running his dream business, “The 24 Hour Wealth Coach” (That means 24 hours a week, not overnight success BTW!).

Imagine Running Your Dream Business in Bali
Jeremy also shared how he was inspired by Tim Ferris’ Seminal book, “The Four Hour Work Week” and how he re-read it again and again until he retrained his brain to see and believe the hidden messages in the book.

He talks about how you can practically apply some of these lessons to redesign your business and your life from a place of abundance rather than scarcity.

I’ve had amazing feedback from my Interview with Jeremy, and we’re planning to talk further as my clients and audience were so impressed.

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I loved talking to Jeremy because he shares his own journey from a successful professional practice toward creating the practice he REALLY wanted.Jeremy Britton, who sold his home and thriving financial planning practice to create a dream lifestyle.

Jeremy,  sold his home and thriving financial planning practice to create a dream lifestyle.

First, Jeremy halved his work hours, increased his income, and moved to the beach. Then he took a series of steps toward the life he really wanted – with great results!

What I love about Jeremy’s story is how he was prepared to take a long, hard look at his life – he was rich and successful by many accounts, but looked out the window at the hippies going past his beachside office and wondered why they looked so happy while he didn’t feel it in spite of his wealth and achievements.

Making a massive change in your life can seem scary, and for many, it can seem overwhelming!
I think that’s one reason why so many people have found my “Practice Business Breakthrough” worksheet and video training so useful.


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