Sales Conversation Checklist

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Sales Call Preparation for High Ticket Sales

Sales Script? Check. Phone? Check. What else do you need to make sure you have ready for a successful sales call?

Check out our sales conversation checklist below to get ready for your sales call.

Sales Call Preparation

Getting ready for your sales calls is critical to success.

  • Research your prospect and their business before the call
  • Have an application or intake form to refer to during the call
  • Have a sales script, checklist or other notes to guide your call
  • Have a pen and paper to record responses
  • Turn off or silence gadgets and other distractions
  • Ensure you have good phone or Skype connection before the call
  • Check your headphones or phone is working ok
  • You have all required sales collateral, links etc organised and ready
  • You have a clear goal for the call, including
    • Desired outcome
    • Essential information to discover or share
    • The next step (your call to action)

Sales Script Content

A good sales script will help you ensure you cover essential questions and content during the call. Alternatively use a sales framework or checklist to maximise your conversion rate.

Sales Script Checklist

  • Greet and build rapport
  • Confirm it’s a good time to talk
  • Take the lead by setting the time frame and agenda
  • Confirm information supplied in their application or appointment setting
  • Establish their current situation and reason for needing your help
  • Qualify them with BANT
    • Budget – they have one and can afford you
    • Authority – they are the decision maker
    • Need – they have a problem you can solve
    • Timing – they are ready to buy or make a decision now or soon
  • Identify their problems, pain points and costs of staying where they are
  • Identify their goals and objectives
  • Identify the gains, upsides and desired outcomes
  • Understand their personal and business motivations for buying
  • Identify their buying criteria
  • Share your offer, solution or expertise
  • Handle objections or buying questions
  • Ask for the sale!

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