Connect with buyer’s 6 core human needs improve your sales & marketing

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Sales & Marketing Master: Help Buyers Fulfil Their Emotional Needs

Learn how to improve your sales and marketing by meeting deeper human needs.

I recently learnt the power of specifically targeting people’s human needs to improve your sales and marketing.

Tony Robbins pioneered the concept of 6 human needs: they are:

  • Certainty
  • Uncertainty
  • Significance
  • Connection
  • Growth
  • Contribution

Use the 6 Human Needs to Communicate the Emotional Benefits of your Product or Service

I’m a big fan of anchoring the value in your sales and marketing to hard ROI (Money, numbers, time etc) and soft ROI (Emotion, desire, values etc).

Hard ROI is well explored in many spheres, but I lacked a simple framework to address the soft ROI aspect. When I heard from my friend and colleague Preston Rahn about using the 6 human needs in sales conversations, I realised that they are an easy and powerful way to address people’s human needs and communicate soft ROI from working with you.

I also found this great video series from Mary Elliot, National Sales Trainer for Forrest Performance Group, featured on covering how to appeal to the 6 human needs to win the sale. This content was featured on the Houston Agent Magazine website and primarily addresses real estate sales but you can apply the same principles to your industry and niche.

Human Need #1 – Certainty

People need to feel safe, confident and certain when they buy. In the first of a six-part series, Mary Elliot, national sales trainer for Forrest Performance Group, introduces the first human need buyers are wanting to fulfil—certainty. Mary explains why people need certainty and why it is so important to communicate it through your marketing and during your sales process, and demonstrates a simple strategy for helping your buyer’s fulfil their need for certainty.

Human Need #2: Variety

Customers buy because they believe a purchase will improve their life – this is fulfilling the need for change and variety, #2 of the 6 human needs.

In the second of a six-part series, Mary Elliott, sales trainer for Forrest Performance Group, discusses the relationship between the primary need (Certainty) and Variety, the second need.

Buyers want certainty from you as a seller or provider, but the drive to buy new things is driven by their need for variety.

Mary explains how to sell so that you inspire buyers to fulfil their need for variety and change.

Human Need #3 Significance

Clients buy because they believe a product will make them feel more significant or important. An essential part of that is that the buying process as well as the product or service will meet their third human need: Significance.

Using the the language of significance when communicating with with potential buyers throughout the marketing and sales process. You need to make buyers feel important and the buying process to feel meaningful. Remind them how their purchase will fulfil their need for significance.

Human Need #4: Love & Connection

People buy because they believe a product or service will improve their life, including their relationship and connections with others and their feelings about that.

When selling, you need to build authentic personal connections with buyers to help the buying process become more meaningful and fulfilling, rather than merely transactional.

Further, you need to emphases how the purchase will help buyers feel more love and connection with those they care about. In discussing how Real Estate Agents sell Mary emphasises how important it is for buyers to imagine and develop an emotional connection to their new community and the lives they will build in their future homes.

Human Need #5: Growth

The fifth human need is the need for growth – we all need to feel we are growing and developing as individuals or families across a range of domains, such as prosperity, wealth, experience and skills.

In this video Mary explains how sellers can help buyers fulfil their need for growth by communicating how they will grow emotionally and spiritually within their new home and also providing opportunities for personal growth as clients learn about the home buying process.

Human Needs #6: Contribution

The sixth human need is the need for contribution. By communicating how buying your product or service will fulfil people’s need for contribution you can make the buying decision be more than just a “getting” experience. In this video Mary discusses how Real Estate Agents can fulfil this need by helping buyers to imagine how their property purchase will help contribute to something larger than themselves, such as having extra space to host family events, community meetings or living close to volunteer opportunities.

How are you helping buyers fulfil their 6 Human Needs in your sales and marketing?

I’d love to hear how you address the 6 human needs in your sales and marketing – please share in the comments below.


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