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Sales Funnel Consultant Nora Sudduth shares her journey

Nora Sudduth went from a 6 figure corporate exec job… to living the life of her dreams – being there when her daughter came home from school on the bus. You’re maybe thinking why? She reveals how she replaced her 6 figure job without sacrificing her family so she could be there for them more often. Nora also details how whatever your “why” might be how you can make it happen within a very short period of time. She details what ‘Funnel Consulting’ is. Why it is such a needed skill. Why businesses are paying tens of thousands and some hundreds of thousand for the right funnel. She answers all the questions about what becoming a certified Clickfunnels partner is all about.

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Sales Funnel Consultant Nora-Sudduth

Dave: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Funnel Hacker Radio. I’m your host, Dave Woodward. Today, we’ve got a special guest. This is, the person basically is our lifeblood to our entire certification program, Nora Sudduth. Nora, welcome.
Nora: Hey, thanks for having me.
Dave: Nora, I’m so excited to have you. I’ve been trying to get you on for a long time, but you’ve been a little bit busy, to say the least, so thank you for making time today. I’m really excited to have you.
Nora: Happy to be here. Wouldn’t be anywhere else.
Dave: Aside from thousands of other things going on in your life, so I appreciate that.
Nora, let’s just dive right into this. I think people don’t understand or really know you that well. I want to make sure that they understand the vast background. We’re talking before we even started the podcast. I’m like, “Nora, we could literally have like five different podcasts just about you and your history and everything else, and what brought you to ClickFunnels, and how are you running the certification program,” Real quick, a little background, help people understand why in the world you would even decide to get involved in certification program, and why Russell chose you as the person to run it.
Nora: Nice. All right. Great questions. Well, I do come from corporate, the corporate world, so before I was in internet marketing, digital marketing, I actually spent about 15 years, a little over 15 years, in corporate America and kind of did the traditional career route. Got a couple of degrees, got myself into corporate America, rose through the ranks. I started off actually in technology. My background, actually my first degree was in computer science. I am just a big, big old technology geek and big nerd. My second degree was actually in engineering psychology, which is kind of where a lot of the fascination and my passion for digital marketing comes in. Then I went on to do my MBA, so that’s kind of where the business aspect of things kind of come through, but rose through the ranks of corporate America, and the higher I got, the more I realized it was awful. I definitely got where I wanted to be. Every rung of that ladder was kind of like, “Oh, God, just get me out this is awful.”
(2:23) Again, got to experience a lot of awesome experiences that are just, they happened to be really painful at the time. You don’t realize that until you escape the golden handcuffs, and that was my big thing. You’re in corporate America, you’re making a six-figure salary. I did everything from major corporation transitions and mergers and acquisitions, multi-million dollar acquisitions, multi-billion dollar acquisitions. My thing was putting systems in place and typically I was on the IT side of the house just kind of helping to help businesses grow when they go through these big growths, or helping companies go through an IPO, as an example. Putting these systems in place, and watching all the wonderful corporate politics, and all these things that I just thought, “God, there’s got to be a better way. There has just got to be a better way.” It’s hard. I’m a mom. I have two young kids, and I was making, again, a six-figure salary, and it very much makes you feel like you are trapped, and you are in the proverbial golden handcuffs, and they feel very, very real.
I actually was on one of the very first webinars that I think Russell did for ClickFunnels, when ClickFunnels first started, and decided to buy, and became a member, and ascended through, just like all of these other wonderful customers I bought everything Russell had, so I just kept buying.
Dave: Funnels actually worked, huh?
Nora: They do. The funnels actually work. I joined his private coaching program and got to know him through that program, which is amazing. The very first time he offered that certification program at Funnel Hacking Live 2015, I was one of the first folks in line. I ran over and I was one of those folks who ran to the table and signed up because I knew it was an amazing opportunity, especially with my background and knowing just industries that have not leveraged funnels. It’s amazing the opportunity that’s out there. We haven’t even hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to funnels and the way they’re going to revolutionize business.
(4:30) Ran over, took part in the 2015 certification. For those of you that are listening and went through that, there was probably about 125 of us, around 125 folks who sat in Boise for 5 full days. I remember we were at the live event and Russell said, “All right, who here is a ClickFunnels ninja,” and of course you get certain people that raise their hand. Then, “Who here has never logged into ClickFunnels,” and a whole bunch of people raised their hand. I thought, “Oh no. Here we are. How can you certify folks in 5 days that have never, ever logged into the system?” My heart just sank and I felt so bad.
Dave: You felt the pain, huh?
Nora: From where I was sitting, I felt awful. There were folks, and clearly they were there for a reason, they’re passionate. We all love ClickFunnels. Who doesn’t, but I knew the task of trying to make sure that everyone came out of that 5 day experience with the same level of knowledge, it was just impossible because of the way people went into that 5 day session with wide variety of experiences and knowledge and experience with ClickFunnels. I could tell the staff was really working hard. Man, the staff was amazing in how much they just pulled out everything. Everything they could, you guys were amazing trying to make sure that you could accommodate the beginner and accommodate the expert who’d been in ClickFunnels since the beginning and was in there every single day building funnels.
(6:12) Yeah, it was a rough experience though. It was hard because I knew it was just so hard to be able to accommodate all these different levels of experience. After the event …
Dave: That’s what brought us to you. We wouldn’t have had you had we not done that.
Nora: Which is awesome because Russell sent me a vox and this was probably, I don’t know, maybe a month or two after the event. He said, “Hey, just so you know, I’m going to shut down the certification program if you don’t come and run it.” I thought, “Wait. Wait. What?” I replayed it. I had to replay that message because I thought, “Wait. What did he just say?” It really hit him because ClickFunnels and offering funnel services is how I broke out of those golden handcuffs. It’s the only way that I escaped where I was and I knew how transformational the consulting and offering funnel services could be for someone. It had a tremendous impact on my sanity, my life and my family’s life. I was able to spend more time with my kids. I was finally able to live a life that I designed.
It was just I couldn’t fathom shutting the program down because I thought, “Oh my goodness, there’s so many people like me who are in that position and they don’t know how to get out of the job, that J-O-B that they feel trapped in and that they’re sick to their stomach Sunday night and they don’t want to wake up to Monday morning.” This was the solution. Plus, how do you say no to Russell? I was like, “Sure, I’m in.” Send him back a message, “Of course I’m in. I’d be crazy not to.” Yeah, and then I just got to work.
I took everything that I learned and experienced in corporate in terms of systemizing and making sure that it was a program that really was a world class certification program. I told Russell I wasn’t going to take it over if it was going to be like the other certification programs in the industry because I know like many of the folks I’m sure listening to the podcast, they’ve taken certifications where they watch some videos and take a multiple choice quiz at the end. All of a sudden they’re certified, but they’ve never had to show how to apply the knowledge and they’ve never been assessed necessarily on the knowledge in terms of other than just a multiple choice quiz. I don’t consider that a real certification and I certainly, as a consumer, if I was going to hire someone, I would certainly want someone who had applied the knowledge and had proof of application of the knowledge before I hired them. That was my big thing going into it and I think what we’ve created and the people that are in currently in the program, they blow me away every single day.
(8:50) The group that we have in there and the group of certified partners and the people we are adding to the program are just unbelievable. They are amazing. The results that they’re getting. I’m seeing notes come across every day on Facebook, “Hey, I just landed this $20,000 deal.” “Hey, I told my client I was going to charge them $20,000 and he said sure, no problem.” I was like, “Oh my goodness, this is sweet results that you live for and I’m so incredibly proud of what this community is doing and what ClickFunnels does to support the certified partners. I honestly couldn’t be in a better spot.
Dave: I’m real excited. One thing you hit on, for sake of time I wish literally we could play the video that Brandon created of you. It literally brought me to tears. I get goosebumps even thinking about just the opportunity that exists for a person. Some people are going to be listening to this going, “Gosh Dave, you’ve got this big commercial about the certified program and everything else on your podcast.” It’s not as much a commercial as it is an opportunity for people to understand what type of opportunities exist for you to be able to get to that next level and whatever it might be. I’ve been one of those people.
(10:02) In fact, I remember joking around with Russell just before, we actually were in Phoenix when he sent that box to you last year. I said, “Russell, I’ve got two certifications that I did last night.” Literally they were exactly what you talked about. Here’s the multiple choice, boom. Here’s my certification, exactly. We just joked around about going, “You know what, yeah you can say it’s a certification, but there’s no value to that.”
I think what’s been cool for me as I’ve gotten to know you, over the last year especially, is to understand the impact and the value that is actually created for a person who is in a situation like you were or a situation like myself, who is trying to go, “How do I get to that next level,”. For some people it is leaving that J-O-B. They’re trying to replace it. You and I talked about a gentleman recently who lost his job 18 months ago in his 50’s and he’s going, “Oh my gosh, what am I going to do?” The certification program has replaced his income in less than 18 months. It’s just fantastic for him where he couldn’t find a job, he was doing all other kinds of stuff, but he had the skillset. It allows people to take what they already have and be able to use that to get to that next level.
We’ve had so many stories of different people who have had just phenomenal results. I have the opportunity of interviewing quite a few of them on the podcast, but I think the part that I love most about you and your story, Nora, is it’s that ability to get to that next level. Whatever that level might be for someone, maybe it is, again not to take away from your story, but I literally was in tears hearing Stacy say how excited you were, your daughter wanted to take the school bus.
Nora: Yeah, yeah. That’s it.
Dave: I would just like to tell the story real quick so it can help. I want people to hear your story, so tell that real quick if you don’t mind.
Nora: Sure. No, not at all. One of the things, if you’re a working parent and you’re listening to this and you work in an office environment or wherever you work and you’re not home when the bus comes home, if you have young kids, you know they can’t take the bus home because there’s nobody home. They can’t do it. My daughter, that’s all she wanted. That’s it. That’s the only thing in the world that she wanted is she wanted to take that school bus home and she would constantly ask and every day I’d had to tell her, “No, you can’t take the bus home because I’m in a meeting or I’m going to be at the office,” or whatever it was. It was heartbreaking to say no day after day. She was relentless because she wanted it so badly.
I remember being, you know how meetings go in corporate, and we were in a god awful meeting. I joke with Russell and Russell still talks about this, but I had a horrible habit every time I was in a horrible meeting, which by the way was every other day or sometimes every day, I would buy domain names. It’s just a horrible habit that I got into. Some people, they shop for shoes. I don’t know. I don’t shop for shoes, I shop for domains, but I would sit and buy domains and I own over 400 now if that tells you anything about how many crappy meetings I sat in. I remember the day and it was so clear. I was in this meeting and it was awful and there was a lot of politics involved. It’s just one of those days you don’t want to be here and really hits home. I was on my phone and I’m buying and, which I still own by the way. They’re too good. I can’t give those up. I was a little angry, I think, that day. It was a really bad meeting.
(13:28) I had bought my domain names and as I’m buying them, you know that there’s got to be something better than this. This is not where I want to be and this is not the person I want to be. I actually just left for the day. I said, “You know what, I’m not feeling well. I’m going to go home.” I actually let my daughter take the bus home that day. I got home early, she took the bus home and I took a picture. I took a picture of her running towards the house from the bus and she was so happy. That’s all she wanted for months and months. That’s all she wanted just to take the bus home and now she finally had a chance to do it. What I did is I took that picture and I put it on the background of my phone to really keep me motivated and to keep my eye on the prize. What was really, really important.
(14:13) Unfortunately, during the time, so I am adopted. My parents adopted me after my mom had about 8 or 9 miscarriages. Family is very, very important to me because I almost didn’t have one. My dad at the time had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Last words I spoke to my dad, what he said to me, his last words to were, “You take care of those kids.” As I’m sitting there looking at the picture on my phone of the joy of my daughter’s face and then you’ve got the juxtaposition of me sitting in these horrible meetings with unethical things happening in the corporate environment. I just sat there knowing that what I was currently doing was not supporting those kids and I was not taking care of the kids the way I felt I could and the way that I wanted to.
That’s when I really used ClickFunnels and my ability to be a consultant and provide funnel services to folks to break out of that 6-figure job and to be able to replace my income within 6 months where I wasn’t putting my family at risk. I wasn’t putting my finances at risk and to me that was huge because that’s the opportunity. It’s really to take, I took not only my business and my income to the next level, I took my life to the next level because I was honoring not only the commitment I made to my parents, my mom and my dad, the last words he spoke me which will always stay with me and always resonate with me, and really honoring my family. I took all of that to the next level by being able to work from home and provide them with a lifestyle that was just so much healthier for everyone overall.
(16:05) The day I quit, the day I finally retired from corporate America, I came home and again I let my daughter take the bus home. It was my last day and I took another picture of her and oh my goodness, the joy on her face. The whole picture just exudes joy and to me that was it. That’s the reason that I took over the certification program because that’s what’s possible because of not only the differences and the transformation in my life and my family’s life and in the client’s lives that I’ve served, it’s that opportunity. I couldn’t take that away from someone because someone is going through something similar. They want to take their life to the next level and there was no way I could let the certification program be shut down when I knew that I had the ability to come in and create a real meaningful and valuable certification program around it. Yeah, that’s exactly it.
Dave: Nora, that picture of your daughter with her hair blowing in the wind running, again, I see it on Brandon’s video so many times now that I just always brought to tear. I’m excited because it’s in the back of my mind. It’s that mission of why we do what we do, to find people the opportunity to accomplish whatever it is that they want. Everyone’s reason why they’re doing this is different. I’ve talked to so many of our certified consultants. For some it is freedom and getting away from that. For other people it’s being able to be home more with the family. For other people it’s I’ve got the skillset I never really had before and I want to share it. I’ve got my 20-year-old son who basically just came home from his mission and he’s sitting there going through the certified consultant program and for me, the certified partner program is so cool. He said, “Dad, I cant’ believe this.” He gets so excited, the person who does this podcast is probably listening to this has he’s doing the transcription.
(18:03) I was talking to him yesterday and he said, “Dad, I’m really glad we haven’t had any of these podcast recently because I’ve had the opportunity to really dive into this certified partner program,” and he’s like, “Dad, I want to have my own business by the end of the year.” As a dad, it just makes me, I’m grinning from ear to ear and I love my son to death, it’s just one of those things that’s passionate for me because I see how it actually changes the lives for so many people, so many people. I think that the part you made mention of is the dollar amount. I know when we first talked to a lot of our certified partners, “Gosh, how much do I charge for a funnel set? Is it $1,000, is it $2,000?” All of a sudden when they start seeing that bar getting raised by other people, they’re going, “No way, are you kidding? 5,000, 10,000, 20,000.”
The reality is it’s a very, very results driven type opportunity where for most people you get involved in a lot of the online marketing things, even something like Facebook consultants and everything else, or in advertising, I hear about this all the time. Create your website, we’ll do this one thing for you. That’s not what it’s about. You have the opportunity to really impact a business and a business owner and their life and the life of their employees and the life of the people that they’re serving. The trickle down effect and the ripple effect is just so huge. It’s what I’m most excited about and really why I’m so happy you came on.
Nora, if you don’t mind, I’d like to talk about what it is that you made mention of and that was the Four As. I never really heard that until you were just talking about it. I think that might help people understand why a certification program and why our certified partners are so valuable to us.
Nora: Oh sure, yeah. One of the things that I did when I first actually met with Russell when I had the proposal for the outline of how I wanted to structure this certification program, I came to him and I basically said I’m building this entire program based on the Four A methodology. The As are acquisition, so you’re acquiring your knowledge. It’s assimilation, which basically means you’re absorbing the knowledge. Application which obviously you’re going to apply the knowledge, and then assessment. You need to make sure you’re assessing the knowledge and I think, obviously for the most part, and I’ve taken a couple of the certification programs I think that you have as well. I sat there and I think I specifically said this to Russell. One of the nights I decided to pull an all-nighter and decided to take one the certification programs, these online things. I fell asleep, I know I did. I didn’t make it all night. I’m old, it happens and I know I passed out in one of the videos, but I woke up. I did wake up and the video had already played and I was done with it. I took the test and I still got 100% on the quiz. I’m certified. Hey, I slept through it. That’s fantastic.
(20:41) A lot of these certification programs, they’ll give the information and they’re filled with great training and they’ll try to help you absorb it. They’ll try to help you with that assimilation of it so you can understand it and maybe break it down and help that consumer, the person that’s taking the course understand it, but where they seem to fall short in my mind is in the application where you’re actually asking the student to apply the knowledge and then assessing the application of their knowledge. I think a multiple choice quiz has its place, but when you’re talking about this level of a certification program and the results that we can offer to our clients a multiple choice quiz is not going to get you results. Showing that you can build a funnel and write high converting headlines and showing that you can do custom design and all the things that we talk about inside the course, those are the things that are going to add value to the client.
For me, it was very important that we put in the assessment of it so that we knew. When Russell comes to me and says, “Hey Nora, I have this guy,” or when you come to me and you say, “Hey Nora, I’ve got this guy and I need one of your best consultants and this is what they’re looking for,” then I know it’s my name on the line too. I’m not going to let you down. I’m not going to let Russell down. I’m going to give you a certified partner who knows what they’re doing and by putting a program in place that does what it does and how we’ve created it, every single person that makes it through the program is a rock star. I know that our clients are going to be so well taken care of.
(22:19) Not only that too, it’s the community. Our students go through the application of the knowledge and they try new things and it’s scary sometimes. You don’t have the confidence. Especially we have folks that have never necessarily done this. This is new for them. Certain skills are new for them. They’re awesome at design. Maybe they’ve never done a lot of the tech stuff or vice versa, but they do it and the support that this group has for one another when they’re in a safe spot and they’re learning and they’re all supporting one another and they’re providing advice and feedback. Russell talks about on his podcast the Voltron arm. Well, you might not be really strong, but man you’re connected to a network of certified partners who are rock stars in so many different areas that all you need to do is be like, “Hey man, I need a Facebook expert. Anyone?” Be like, “Oh, I’ve got that. I can help you out with that. No problem.” Hey, I’m looking for an awesome designer. Anyone here?” “Oh sure, yeah. I can help you out with that.”
To me, it’s the combination of making sure the program was structured around all four of those As, to making sure that we’re applying the knowledge and assessing the knowledge and making sure that when people come out of this program they’re confident. They understand the value of what they do. They understand the value that they bring to a client and the confidence that they can bring that value every single time. Then being able to partner up with folks that are so unbelievably amazing. To me, that’s just the biggest value of the certified partner program. It’s hard to even put a number on that. It’s just so valuable.
Dave: For me, it’s true me for because I don’t see the end. I don’t deal with all the stuff you do in the middle. For me, it’s fun being here in Boise as our certified partners come out for their final big to-do type of thing for the two days where we bring in, here we bring in business owners who are very eager, skeptical, not knowing exactly what’s going to happen and just to see the transition that takes place for the business owner and also for the certified partner is just so awesome to me. We’ve got business owners coming in and saying, “Listen, this is my business. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do next,” or some of them say, “Here’s exactly the plan I have, exactly what I need, but I need someone to help me build it,” and literally within 48 hours they get presented with 10 to 20 different funnels and everything else. These business owners are just floored. They’re going, “Oh my gosh, I had no idea this kind of stuff could be created. I had no idea this kind of skillset even exists. I didn’t even know that I could do something like this.”
(24:53) These business owners are so, so, so excited and yet these partners, as they get finished, our partners, the confidence level is just astronomical. I have loved, I remember being here in August because we had an extra day with them which was fun. Russell threw in an extra day for secrets. To sit there and to talk them and they were literally just grinning from ear to ear, which is ironic since they’d been up for almost 36 hours straight for several of them, but they were exuding this massive confidence. They literally felt like they could take on the world which they can and I think that’s the part that I’m so excited about as we talk to these guys is they have the opportunity for one, building a ton of skill, of true skill.
I can’t imagine getting through it any faster than 4 months, but I think realistically you’re probably 4 to 6 months of dedicated time to really get involved, get in the trenches and go through this. As they do, the skillsets that exist and as they start talking with their clients, it’s been fun for me. Becky will be an example here just because I love Becky to death. It’s been fun for me and she started off, this single mom, not a whole bunch of confidence when I first met her. As things started going, she said, “I’m getting this. I’m getting this.” As I moved up here to Boise, I happened to give her one of my clients and I contacted Becky and said, “Would you mind doing this,” and I had no problem turning my client over to her because she was totally 100% confident and I was confident in what she was doing.
(26:28) Now I see where she’s at and that was, gosh, almost 4 or 5 months ago, and now I see where she’s at, she’s like, “Oh, no problem. I can do anything.” It’s that ability to go out and to speak with such confidence to her clients, to be a huge advocate within her program and stuff, talking about this. I think the pattern I enjoy most about Becky is, is for a lot of partners. I shouldn’t just isolate it to Becky. I was just thinking about her earlier today and she’s a person out there actually contributing to the group which is all of our partners as they get involved, they do start contributing. They may not have the skillset in Facebook advertising or in graphic design, but they know they can go into their community and boom it’s right there. Everybody is just … I can probably take an hour here and go through all of them name by name because I love all of them to death, but it’s so cool for me to see the contributions being provided to the community, to the business owners, to us as ClickFunnels as well.
I think it’s important for people as you’re listening to this that you understand the opportunity. Again, if you’re interested, go to and you can get the application, you can do all that kind of stuff, but understand that the key here is you’ve got a person in Nora who is so passionate about this. Again, Nora, the last two days especially, you can come back and forth with some very emotional topics I guess you could say, making transitions and programs and things, but the thing I love most about you, Nora, is you are so concerned about not just the ClickFunnels brand, but about the brand of these partners.
You’ve been involved, not to name names here, but you’ve paid literally tens of thousands, I’d say approaching over $100,000 to different partner programs, certifying programs. So you understand the value that exists in these types of programs because they truly, truly can’t take your business to the next level. It’s because of that and as you poured your whole heart and soul into our certified partner program, the confidence that comes out of these certified partners, again, it’s from your leadership. It’s really cool for me to see because you get so much that they, in turn, give the same. It’s been really fun for me to see. I love seeing their success stories. Oh my god, this client here is doing this with this client here. I don’t mean to keep talking about it, I just love what you’ve done. I love the program and I think, again, it’s an opportunity for anybody who’s really looking at it.
(28:54) If you don’t mind, take just a few minutes here and try to help people understand what they learn during the 12 modules.
Nora: Sure, absolutely. The certification program, the way it’s structured, it is to avoid what happened in 2015 where people show up at the live event with different skillsets. We do have this 12 module online course you go through and it goes through everything. It goes from creating your funnel strategies, so understanding the strategy around the funnel that you’re going to create, obviously creating the blueprint around it, knowing exactly how you want to structure it. Actually going through the tech skills, the build is what we call it, building the funnel. Making sure you’ve got all your Ts crossed and your Is dotted and then taking it from there, just everything to add on to it.
Design, what are the design principles that you can use in your funnel that folks are using that actually help with conversions? You don’t need to be a designer to be able to know what they are and how to use them. That’s the cool part. Those types of things. Copy writing, what are the elements of a winning headline? You don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a copy writer to be able to write amazing copy. That’s an additional service that you can add to your clients as well when you’re doing that. How do you, from a testing and publishing standpoint, how do you make sure that your funnel’s ready to go because so many people don’t test their funnels before they put them live and start thinning traffic? Which is so awful, but we make sure that we cover all those. We’re making sure that we provide all these different checklists. Everything from the testing checklist to your customer bait checklist, what are the things that your customer bait should have, to how do you intake a client. What are the sales strategies for high ticket sales? What are the scripts that you use for high ticket sales? The forms that you can use to onboard a client.
(30:45) Actually, I’m a certified project manager as well, so I took that from my corporate life, except I didn’t take all the boring parts that don’t really work and they’re all theory. I took the stuff that actually is meaningful and make sure that you have actually happy clients. You don’t have crazy pants clients and make sure I apply those, but then we talk about that too. We talk about project delivery and we make sure that we’re providing you with status report templates and things that you can actually use for your business.
I think the cool thing about that is once you get through all of those modules, all the different things, and again, I know that they’re listed on the certified page as well all the different modules, but then you get to this wonderful live event where you’re actually working with a business owner. To your point, Dave, we don’t tell the business owners a whole lot because we don’t. We just, “Oh, our folks are going to build you some funnels,” and we’ve had business owners that are like, “What’s a funnel,”. We’re like, “Oh, it’ll be fine. Just go with it.” To have the opportunity to have that certified partner stand in front of them and present their strategy and talk about their blueprint and talk about everything that they’ve learned from the course and apply it to a client and they’re like, “Oh my goodness,” I get why this is a 10, 20, 30, $40,000 project because now I know how much value I can add to that business owner and watch that business owner’s face just be floored and be amazed. Now they’re seeing their business transform and the value that they receive out of it. It’s just awesome.
(32:09) The other thing really cool thing too is obviously when you finish the course, you’re featured in the Marketplace, which is really awesome, and we’re doing a lot of other things, too, from a jump start. We have all these new jump start assets that we’re creating. We’re allowing our graduates to be able to take those and market their business. There’s so much there and it’s only going to get better from here. I don’t want to give away all the secrets, but it’s only going to get better from here. Every live event we have, we announce something. I want to make sure that I don’t give anything away before our next live event but yeah, I am so, and you’re right. I am passionate about this program.
The certified partners are not only an extension of our brand and they are, but that’s not all they are. I really feel like they’re an extension of our family and that means a lot to me. It means a lot to me personally. Families support each other and it’s what we do and you see that every day in that certification Facebook group. It really shines through at the live event because we do have folks that have never had a client and they come to the live event and they don’t have a lot of confidence in themselves. Then they go through the process while they’re encouraging them. No one’s going to get left behind. Come on, we’re all in this together. At the end, they’re presenting and you can see it in their face and their whole, their confidence just transforms and their personality transforms. At the live event, I’ve never been at a certification event where there are tears and hugs and real friendships and real bonds that are formed. Really I do feel like a lot of our certified partners are absolutely an extension of our family. We have so many amazing people joining this family. Hey, the more the merrier. What is it, a rising tide raises all ships? It’s amazing how this programs transforms businesses. I couldn’t be more proud of the program and proud of our certified partners.
Dave: (34:16) I love it, it’s been fun. I think the critical eye of all of this for me was actually this last month, we received on our page basically from Perry Belcher who Mark and I have admired for really years, basically saying, “Hey, I’m looking to hire someone,” … Perry has been one of the guys as far as funnels and offline/online, a man that I have a ton of respect for. It was just such an honor for me to see him basically coming to our page and saying, “Hey, I’m looking to hire someone for real here.” Man, only because I know where he’s at and I know what he has access to, for him to reach out to us was just the cherry on top basically for me to just show what a great program you’ve created. It’s really a lot of fun for me. Again, to mention I have the opportunity of dealing with a lot of very large marketers and businesses around the United States, as well as part of the world right now, and it’s amazing to me how many of them are starting to hear about the program. It’s really cool.
Again, I could literally talk to you for hours and I know you’ve got a thousand other things going on. I will respect your time, but really quickly, Nora, as far as people want to get a hold of you or anything else, what’s the best way of doing that?
Nora: Well, if you’re interested in the certification program, you definitely want to check out If there’s something that you wanted to talk to me about specifically about the program, you can always send me an email. I am just That’s the best way to get a hold of me.
Dave: Sounds great. Nora, love you so much for all you do for us. You’ve just been such a huge asset to us and we greatly, greatly appreciate it. Thank you very, very much.
Nora: Oh, I wouldn’t be anywhere else. This is my family.





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