Sales Script for High Priced Coaching & Consulting Programs

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Should you use a sales script to enrol clients in your high end coaching or consulting programs?

If you’re a coach or consultant wanting to enrol clients at premium prices in your products, programs or services, having a reliable, structured sales process and sales conversation framework is essential. While you can enrol clients at premium prices without these, your close rate will be unpredictable and your sales cycle – the time it takes to enrol new clients will be frustratingly long.

Your enrolment conversation is where the pedal hits the metal in your sales process. Get this wrong, and it doesn’t matter how good your advertising, marketing or lead generation is.

Follow a Sales Conversation Framework

When we’re teaching coaches and consultants how to make the shift to high ticket sales, we use sales scripts as a tool to help them implement the essential sales conversation fundamentals – our FOCUS sales conversation framework. By practicing proven sales scripts, over time they learn to understand the essential milestones in a high converting sales conversation. Once you learn and practice the fundamentals again and again using proven sales scripts, and then rewrite this scripts to make them yours, you gradually internalise the essence of successful sales conversion.

Essential elements of a high ticket enrolment conversation

While every sales conversation is different, there are some essential elements that will be covered in almost every successful sales call. This is particularly important when you are selling high priced coaching programs or consulting services, because your clients here are primary investing in the value that you can provide (rather than purchasing a commodity product or service).

There are 5 essential milestone that should occur on the path to a enrolling your clients to maximise the perceived value, ensure that clients are clear on what they are buying and to enrol them at premium prices.

FOCUS Sales Conversation Framework

The 5 essential components of a sales script for high value sales are:

  1. Framing – you need to establish the scope and context of the call and take the lead in the conversation
  2. Objective – the conversation should be focussed on a specific goal or objective that the clients wants to achieve
  3. Challenges – it is essential to identify real and perceived challenges that the client perceives will stop them reaching this goal
  4. Understand their Why – nobody buys coaching or consulting unless they have a powerful reason why – you need to cover this on the call
  5. Strategy – you need to provide a clear pathway to help your client reach their objective and show how you can help them get there

Sales scripts won’t compensate for a poor sales process

While the sales script itself is important, it’s essential to make sure that the prospects you are talking to are coming onto the call qualified, educated and pre-sold – otherwise you’ll waste a lot of time talking to people who aren’t ready, willing and able to invest in your programs or services.

That’s why you should invest in building effective marketing and lead generation systems to bring in a steady stream of qualified buyers. That’s the difference between talking to red-hot buyers and talking to cold prospects.

Implement a complete system for marketing, lead generation and enrolment conversations will dramatically increase your sales and profits.

Discover the complete solution to high ticket sales

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How to Sell High Ticket Coaching and Consulting

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