Sales Training for Coaches, Consultants & Professionals

How to sell your high end coaching and consulting programs using online marketing.

Selling Coaching, Consulting & Professional Services has changed dramatically over the last decade. In the old days, these high value services were primarily sold almost exclusively by personal relationships: word of mouth, networking, and referrals. Today though, traditional approaches to selling high end professional services work poorly and are too slow and expensive.

How to Sell High Value Professional Services Online

Today, top coaches, consultants and professional services firms leverage a hybrid model of online marketing, lead generation and sales funnels combined with high touch, high value personal contact to attract and enrol high end clients in their products, programs and services.

This hybrid model enables high growth, high profitability and a focus on the results customers care about most.

Digital Influence is your ultimate guide to leveraging digital media and marketing to support your high value sales process, and creating a full pipeline of qualified, pre-sold clients who are ready to buy your high end coaching or consulting programs or done for you services.


Sales & Client Enrolment Training for Coaches & Consultants