Should you sell Online Courses on Udemy or on your own Platform?

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Should you sell your thousand dollar program on Udemy or other online course platforms? Great answer from Sarah Cordiner which highlights the difference between information, implementation, transformation, and done-for you services.

Why would you want to sell your courses on Udemy?

As Sarah rightly points out, Udemy and other online course platforms have tremendous benefits including:

  • Massive traffic and exposure
  • They market your course
  • They build and manage the platform for you
  • Added trust and credibility from association with their brand and platform and other educators
  • They’ve got an audience of buyers devoted to learning
  • They securely handle payments and other transaction details

Why woudn’t you offer your course on Udemy or other online courses?

The main considerations are:

  • Udemy runs discount campaigns (selling courses for $10) – though you can opt out of these
  • The average course price on Udemy is low – most courses are $10 to $100
  • There is a price ceiling – the maximum price is $400 presently (or $500 in special circumstances)
  • Udemy takes a cut of your course revenue
  • You don’t build as strong a relationship with your course registrants
  • It can be harder to market to them – you may need to send them to your website with another offer to add them to your email list
  • Udemy shoppers are often bargain hunters – only buying cheap or discounted courses
  • Your products are showcased against many competitors

So when should you use Udemy and other eLearning platforms

They are a great way to get your message out there and be seen, and are ideal for people who have the knowledge and skills to create a course but lack the expertise to build their own platform.

Udemy courses are perfect as part of an elevation strategy

The best way to use a platform like Udemy is to attract a lot of clients to into your funnel. By offering a low priced, entry level course on Udemy, and upselling people onto a more advanced, comprehensive or tranformational course, product or service on your own site, it can be a fantastic traffic generator.

It doesn’t need to be an online course that you upsell or corss-sell them to either. It could be a book, another a software product, a physical product, or a service like consulting.

Often the best approach is to offer a paid course on Udemy or other online course platform, and then offer a free gift (often called a lead magnet) on your website. From there, you can upsell them to low, middle or high value products and services.

The huge advantage of this approach is that Udemy has generated you a list of qualified buyers of your products and services who want more of the value that you provide – they’ve already spent money with you, they already know, like and trust you, and they’ve already spent money with you and are hungry for more.

Sarah’s suggestion of making the Udemy courses more focussed on information (rather than providing everything needed for implementation and transformation) means that you can often use content from existing courses to quickly create Udemy courses, while preserving the value of your high value course on your own platform.

So don’t rule out Udemy and other online course platforms, even though they seem to charge too little and take a slice of your profits – just use them as part of a broader strategy to attract clients, build your brand, and ascend customers to your most valuable products and services.

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