Social Media and Social Network Ecosystems – Evolution of the Conversation Prism

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Evolution of Social Networks

Social Media and Social Network Ecosystems – Evolution of the Conversation Prism

The Conversation Prism was first published in 2008 by Brian Solis from the Altimeter Group and JESS3

Think of it is the spectrum of social platforms – the online ecosystems where we can connect, converse and collaborate.

Take a look over it’s evolution since it was first published – there has been an incredible proliferation of social sites – many will never be major players but it’s fascinating to see how niche sites have developed to become essential parts of their small part of the world.

Importantly, many of the landmark sites of the web like Wikipedia or music sites like soundcloud are social in nature.

Social media wasn’t a fad, it didn’t go away, it’s just infiltrated every aspect of the online world, even if it isn’t overtly a social network.

Also worth noting are the different roles various sites play. Most businesses and marketers make the mistake of thinking that the web is primarily a push medium (Like TV advertising) or something you do once and forget about for a year or few (like your yellow pages or street signage. If anything this graphic reminds us that we have a whole suite of tools to listen to, learn from, change with, converse with, and… yes… market to our customers. But it isn’t acceptable to just be pushing out advertising messages without listening to what’s going on and adapting or making conscious strategic decisions about your direction in light of new information.

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