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How to Host a Telesummit or Virtual Summit

Telesummits are one of the most powerful tools used succcessful entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and online marketers. Done right, telesummits can help you to build your list, make sales, develop products, and position you as an authority and influencer in your industry.

Telesummit Training & Resources

Telesummit training is essential because a telesummit is a major project requiring excellent planning, management, design and technical skills. This guide to telesummit training and resources is my personal swipe file of telesummit case studies, resources, videos, interviews and examples from the top telesummit trainers and agencies in the world.

What is a Telesummit or Virtual Summit?

A telesummit or virtual summit is a multi-speaker online event that features a series of experts to talk about a specific topic.

Like a live conference or event, the summit is organised and hosted by an individual or organisation (that will be you), and the speakers are MC’d or interviewed by you and the event is presented to a large audience over one day or a series of days  over the course of a series of days for a large audience.

Telesummit interviews my be live or pre-recorded. The sessions are often streamed live to the audience (or for a limited time).

Attendance may be free or paid. One of the most popular models is live streaming with paid recordings. Bonus products and upsells are often offered by speakers as a way to increase value for the audience and to monetise the event.

Why Host a Telesummit?

If you’ve heard the buzz about Virtual Summits and Telesummits or have attended a successful telesummit, you’ll realise they are one of the best ways to build your list, establish expert positioning and generate product sales, all while having fun and making some great connections in your industry.

One of my plans for Digital Influence is to plan and launch a Telesummit featuring coaches, consultants, and professionals who are using digital media to monetise, productise and commercialise their unique value.

Ultimate Telesummit Guide

As part of my research for this project, I’ve been collecting resources and studying  telesummit training on running a successful telesummit.

As a result, I’m often sharing tips and tricks and resources with my clients and network about telesummits, and realised the most effective way to do this would be to aggregate them into a single post – so here it is!

This includes over a dozen successful, well implemented telesummit case studies, as well as several telesummit debriefs and telesummit training programs.

Ultimate Guide to Telesummit Resources

How to Host a Telesummit – Interviews with Experts

Telesummits as a powerful to break into the “inner circle” of your industry, even if you are just getting started.

I’m planning my own Telesummit on Digital Marketing and Sales for Professional Services Firms, later this year.

As a result, I’ve been talking to some of the world’s top experts on planning, creating, hosting and marketing Telesummits.

As you know, I love sharing cutting edge and insider secrets with you!

Therefore, I’m recording interviews with the Telesummit experts to help get you inspired, educated and fired up to run your own telesummit to help you build your list, your influence, and your brand as a key person in your industry.

Interview with LeeAnn Webster:

LeeAnn Webster from Totally Telesummits is perhaps the world’s most experienced Telesummit producer, with over 50 client Telesummits under her belt, as well as having produced her own Telesummits and appeared as a guest on other people’s virtual summits.

Watch: Telesummit Success with LeeAnn Webster on Digital Influence

Telesummit Success with LeeAnn Webster

LeeAnn helps coaches, speakers, and authors grow their list and build their brand with Telesummits.

In this interview we talk about what Telesummits are, how they work, why you’d host one, and what the benefits are for your business.

Telesummits offer some great benefits for the host, the guests, and the attendees. Because Telesummits are a live “event” they can generate a lot of buzz and personal connection. This makes them a perfect platform to position yourself as a leader in your industry, connect with experts and influencers, and become known for one specific topic. For this reason I see Telesummits as one of the most powerful strategies to build your brand and move you to the inner circle of your industry.

LeeAnn shares some great strategies for building your list, creating and leveraging content, monetising your summit, and how to make the business model work for you.

Telesummit and Virtual Summit Case Studies and Examples

Here are my favorite Virtual Summit examples:

Social Media Success Summit

The Social Media Success Summit is perhaps the longest running, most prominent and most influential virtual summits currently online. Created by Digital Marketing and Social Media news and interest site, Social Media Examiner, the Social Media Success Summit features a great lineup of guests and offers tons of value. They’ve tweaked the theme and marketing each year to maintain a fresh, yet familiar look.

Social Media Success Summit


Happiness Telesummit

Happiness Telesummit JudgementThe Happiness Telesummit features exclusive interviews with Inspiring Speakers to help you discover happiness in your life. This year’s theme is around releasing judgement.

The Ultimate Man Summit

Ultimate Man Summit

The Ultimate Man Summit, hosted by Richard Phu, offers a fresh and contemporary look at what it means to be a man today. An impressive lineup of top speakers bring you a unique take on manhood and human potential.

Online Business Superhero Summit

Telesummit - Online Business Superhero SummitThe Business Superhero Summit is one of my favorite summits because of the amazing branding, visuals and marketing collateral. This really sets the bar when it comes to virtual summit marketing and packaging. The value doesn’t stop there though – the presenters are literally a who’s who of high end online business and marketing experts.

Video Superhero Summit

The Video Superhero Summit continues the theme of the Online Business Superhero Summit, featuring an impressive lineup of top video production and marketing experts.

The Video Superhero Summit features the same great branding of the Online Business Superhero Summit, making them clear winners in the Virtual Summit Marketing Game for my money!

How to Create a Virtual Summit

If you want to create your own virtual summit I suggest you start by watching How to create a unique branded event – lessons from the video superhero summit by Marisa Murgatroyd, the Creator of the Video Superhero Summit. This informative and inspiring video is an expert debrief of “How we did it” to guide you in planning and hosting your own virtual summit. It’s a frank and inspiring interview which should be required watching for anyone considering hosting a telesummit.

You can also view the article here:

How to Host a Telesummit – Free Training from Nick Unsworth

Nick Unsworth is another Telesummit expert who you need to listen to if you are considering putting on your own telesummit. He’s done a number of successful telesummits and credits running virtual summits as one of the most powerful business-building activities he has done.


Nick has several great Telesummit articles and videos available – check the two out below. Nick occasionally offers an online course on how to run a telesummit and has several articles and videos explaining how to create a successful Virtual Summit. He also offers coaching and mentoring for his clients who want to create their own summit.

Life on Fire Telesummit-Strategy


How to Host a Telesummit with Nick Unsworth

How to Create a Virtual Summit with Nick Unsworth

5 Mistakes to Avoid to Create a Profitable Telesummit

Priscilla Stephan has shared a bunch of helpful tips including the 5 common mistakes that people make with their Telesummits in this easy to follow articles:

How to Build Your List, Influence and Income with Telesummits

As you can see, Telesummits and virtual summits are an incredibly powerful way to build your list, raise your profile and increase your income.

One of the best things about Telesummits is that even if you aren’t at the top of your industry or have a large list (yet), they offer a way for you to be featured among experts, build a list and become recognised as a leading influencer in your niche.

Read How to Use Telesummits to Build Your List and Brand

Telesummit to build your list

How to Run a Profitable Telesummit – Paid Training

There are a number of paid training programs to teach you how to run a successful Telesummit or Virtual Summit.

The best one I’ve seen so far comes from Lisa Sasevich, who is known as the “Queen of Sales Conversion” and is an expert at webinars, teleclasses, telesummits and virtual summits.

Lisa offers free training with an option to join her pad courses at the Lisa Sasevich Ultimate Telesummit Formula

How to Run a Successful Telesummit Training

You might like to also check out this training from Tracey Lawton on organising a successful Telesummit event:

Check out here Ultimate Telesummit Formula Here:

The Ultimate Telesummit Formula

What’s your favorite Telesummit? Let me know in the comments!

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