Telesummit Success with LeeAnn Webster

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My guest today is LeeAnn Webster, who will be sharing her expertise in Telesummits, which are one of the best ways for you to grow your list and build your brand.

LeeAnnWebsterLeeAnn is the creator of Totally Telesummits, and she’s produced more than 50 Telesummits for her clients, as well as running her own virtual summits and appearing as a guest on other Telesummits.

I’m really excited to have LeeAnn on because she’s a great example of what I call an entrepreneurial professional.

LeeAnn started her work career as a lawyer, but ended up getting heavily involved in the marketing at a prestigious law firm.

After a few years, LeeAnn decided she wanted to steer her own ship more and started her new business as a coach, marketing strategist and tech consultant.

LeeAnn helps coaches, speakers, and authors grow their list and build their brand with Telesummits.

In this interview we talk about what Telesummits are, how they work, why you’d host one, and what the benefits are for your business.

Telesummits offer some great benefits for the host, the guests, and the attendees. Because Telesummits are a live “event” they can generate a lot of buzz and personal connection. This makes them a perfect platform to position yourself as a leader in your industry, connect with experts and influencers, and become known for one specific topic. For this reason I see Telesummits as one of the most powerful strategies to build your brand and move you to the inner circle of your industry.

This makes them ideal for authors, bloggers, speakers and coaches who have developed a business in a niche but still aren’t widely known.

Being virtually “on stage” with the top 10-20 people in your industry and immediately positions you as a connector and leader, as well as building relationships directly with these experts.

LeeAnn shares some great strategies for building your list, creating and leveraging content, monetising your summit, and how to make the business model work for you.

LeeAnn offers some great Telesummit tools and resources and examples of Telesummits she has done for her clients on her website

You can also download LeeAnn’s free Telesummit checklist


Telesummit Success with LeeAnn Webster

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