Telesummits to Build Your List and Brand

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Telesummits are a great way to become an influencer in your niche

Telesummits (aka Virtual Summits) are one of the best ways to build your list and position yourself as a leader in your industry.

On of my favorite Telesummit Training Experts is Nick Unsworth, and we feature him on our Telesummit Resource Guide.

In this awesome training video, Nick Unsworth shares his experiences and insights in creating successful Telesummits.

Nick credits Telesummits with launching his career as the “Facebook Ads Guy” – Nick ran the Facebook Mastery Summit as a way to launch his brand, and has since run other successful summits.

Nick talks in detail about how he acheived this, including building a great list, enlisting some top guests, and making over $100,000 from sales before, during and after the summit.

How to Do a Telesummit with Nick Unsworth

You can also watch the video and see Nick’s notes here:


Niche Your Telesummit for Best Results

Nick has a great way of explaining important marketing concepts in simple language.

This includes the marketing foundations like Niching, and the importance of going narrow, as well as the nitty-gritty how-to of attracting guests, organising the event, setting up the interviews and promoting your summit.

In this video Nick makes it clear why you need to target your Telesummit to a microniche so you build your brand as the expert at that in your industry.

Telesummits are great for List Building

Telesummits’ greatest benefit in addition to the is probably it’s ability to build your list.

Telesummit to build your list

The general strategy is to get all the guests as well as you and your promotional partners to email out to their list, and to promote on social media, encouraging people to sign up for the summit.

Generally we use free live access as a way to get a lot of signups and maximise our list building, and often offer paid recordings or other products on the backend in order to monetise the summit.

As the telesummit organiser, you get to collect and keep all the emails that sign up. Generally this isn’t shared with the individual speakers. Instead, they typically offer bonuses or other offers that let them collect emails or sell to people who are interested in what they have to offer.

Telesummits are a great way to build your brand

Telesummits position you as an authority in your industry

I love how Nick explains why telesummits are so powerful at creating expert status, authority, and celebrity positioning. Because people are hearing your voice (or seeing you) in each interview, as well as at the start and end of the summit, while you interview and introduce the top stars in your niche, this quickly positions you as a leading influencer in this industry.

Nick shares how you can attract an anchor speaker – a high profile person who will attract other speakers because they want to be  involved in the same event.

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