The Art of Influence – From Mad Men to Marketers

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Marketing has come a long way in the last few decades, yet it took a retrospective view of marketing to make it really sexy and interesting to those outside the industry.

Mad Men, the AMC hit TV show features the glamorous age of advertising in a way that has attracted the attention of a wide range of viewers.
How much of the show is realistic though? And how much has marketing moved on since these heady, (if fictional) days of the golden age of advertising and marketing?

Perhaps the most significant change is that now the brands no longer have exclusive control over the media channels and content. Today, it’s consumers who produce the vast bulk of media, and connect with other people to drive the discussion around brands and products.

The men and women of Mad Men would barely recongise today’s marketing landscape, but you can be sure that they’d find it as fascinating as millions of viewers have found the show.



This infographic from Pardot shows the difference between marketing and advertising now, and then. Advances in technology, society, commerce and communication make today’s marketing landscape far more complex than that of 50 years ago.

Art of Influence Mad-Men-vs-Marketing

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