The Perfect Content Marketing Cocktail

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Content_CocktailA Twist of Print

Print is not dead by a longshot – it’s just playing a different role than ever before. Print content might not make a direct impact on your SEO alone, but when a print piece has unique, interactive features that link to the website or a digital version, then it’s still an important part of you content hub. Magazines alone rank#1 in driving adult consumers online.

A Shot of Social

Social networks provide a built-in audience of more than 1.5 billion people, but they’re crowded and loud – how do you stand out? Social media content that uses key words and relevant hashtags makes your content more visible to your audience and social sharing increase your authority in search engines.

A Splash of Web

Search engines look for content that is most relevant to the consumer, and pain links won’t get the job done. Web content should include internal links, similar tagging, and headlines that will ensure that the consumer is engaged and moving through the content mediums, both on and offline, without losing them to outbound links.

What’s the right channel mix for you?

By creating connected content in these three distinct channels, we create “liquid” content that moves fluidly between each content medium, with different flavors that work across the channels together.

Because today’s consumer triangulates daily between online and offline content, you may water down the content cocktail by focusing only on the mechanics of SEO, like link building and tagging. Your brand’s opportunity is to serve synchronized content at multiple touch points, adding real value for your audience.

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