The Top 20 Restaurant Brands in Social #Infographic

Dallas McMillan Branding

Pivot’s marketing convention surveyed the top 20 restaurant brands on social media as part of their Food month initiative.
Who were the most influential food brands on social? No surprise that the big fast food brands like Subway, McDonalds and Taco Bell topped the list but the interesting players were smaller, more agile brands with engaged customers like Whataburger and Panera.

Key findings from the report were assembled into this infographic and include:

  • 95% total outbound tweets were replies, 4% were proactive, and 1% were RT’s
  • 70% of tweets replied to in less than 15 minutes, but average reply time on Facebook is 5.2 hours
  • On average, admins post 6.7 Facebook posts per week
  • Most popular time to tweet is 12pm – 6pm, accounting for 49% of the tweets
  • About one in three fan posts get answered on Facebook

Using Unmetric’s social benchmarking platform we compared hundreds of brands to produce the following research. All data was pulled on 2/4/13 and is based on the previous 7-day period. Engagement Average is a proprietary Unmetric score that takes account of a brand’s growth, follower base, fan base, reply activity, and other factors pulled from social networking activity to produce a single weighted influence score.

Influential Restaurant Brands in Social Media

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