The Webinar Funnel – High Ticket Sales Funnel #2

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How to Use Webinars to Sell High Ticket Coaching, Consulting & Professional Services

Webinar Sales Funnels Coaches Consultants Professionals

Webinars are one of the best High Ticket Sales Funnels

If you are a consultant or service professional wanting to sell high ticket products and services online, Webinars are a powerful tool to market and sell to hundreds of your ideal clients from the comfort of your home or office.

As the world’s leading High Ticket Sales Funnel Consultant, webinars are one of my favourite ways to help clients create a connection, education and enrol their ideal clients.

High Ticket Webinar Slide Presentation

High Ticket Webinar Sales Funnel

Webinar Sales Funnels Coaches Consultants Professionals

Webinars are one of the best ways to attract clients and make high ticket sales using online marketing.

While webinars are often promoted as a “stand-alone” marketing strategy, to create a successful webinar you really need to carefully plan and implement your sales funnel so that you get large numbers of ideal clients registering and showing up for your webinar.

You also need to craft your webinar to maximise your conversions during the webinar. Finally, you need to be diligent in your followup sales and marketing to maximise your sales conversions after the webinar.

Let’s take a look at a typical Webinar Sales Funnel, such as those we use in my business Influential, or that we build for our clients.

In every sales funnel we have the same basic steps the prospective client needs to go through in order to buy our most valuable products and services.

Webinar sales funnel

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Webinars are just one of 3 main types of funnels we use to get our clients started with their online marketing and lead generation to sell high ticket coaching and consulting services.

3 Proven Sales Funnels for High Ticket Coaching & Consulting Services

At Influential, we use 3 distinct sales funnels to accelerate the sales of our clients.

The best 3 funnels to get started selling with selling high ticket coaching, consulting and professional services are:

  1. The Client Funnel
  2. The Webinar Funnel
  3. The Launch Funnel

We use these alone or combined to build a highly efficient, powerful and profitable sales funnel, tailoring the funnel to the individual client, offer, and market.
There are also a couple of other funnel strategies we look at once we’ve already started testing and validating your high ticket sales funnels – these are:

  1. The Cashflow Funnel
  2. The Evergreen Funnel

But because these funnels are more advanced and complex, I don’t suggest you start with them.

Download Your Guide to High Ticket Sales Funnels

To learn more about how we choose, design, build and implement a sales funnel in your business, then download your free guide to High Ticket Sales Funnels here:

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